100 Days of Science-- #2; Ecotarium Field Trip

We  were heading to the Ecotarium with our homeschool group and I just knew that it was going to be another wonderful experience to link up to our 100 Days of Science Challenge.

We always have a great time at the Ecotarium.

Between observing and reading about all the animals they have on site and trying out their many hands on science projects it's a wonderful day filled with scientific discoveries!

We watched the otters scamper, frolic and play; they kept following Alec's fingers all around the tank!

We tested our Bernoulli's principle once again with this fun air table, tubes, scarves, and ball.

We played with bubbles; learning more about their properties.

We saw turtles, a porcupine, a red fox, a guinea pig, some skunks, a hawk, a porcupine (sleeping with it's eye open!) and even a parrot.

The boys experimented with city sounds and the effects those sound have on our stress levels.

They experimented with environmental ways to keep cities cool (or in Evan's case why they get so hot!)

Trying to keep the screen green using lots of white, plants, and greenery

Trying to turn the screen red with lots of black 

It sure was getting HOT! 

We watched a planetarium show called Passport to the Universe and learned a lot about stars, planets, our solar system and our galaxy.

After the show the guide offered to let us say and taught us a bit about the stars and constellations currently visible in our night skies.  

It was a fantastic day filled with lots of science fun!

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  1. Interactive Science at it's BEST!!! Looks like such a great day!

  2. I could have so much fun there! Not to mention the kids. I love museums, especially when there are lots of hands on activities.


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