100 Days of Science Day #1-- Bernoulli's Principle

We kicked off our 100 Days of Science challenge with a very quick and simple science experiment.

We read about Bernoulli's principle which states that as a fluid or gas moves faster it's pressure decreases.  This is part of the same principle that allows planes to fly!

I then wanted to demonstrate Bernoulli's principle.

For our simple experiment we needed:

  • a hair dryer (with a power source)
  • a ping pong ball
  • an empty paper towel tube
I turned the dryer on using the cool setting and then brought the ping pong ball up and over the air current.  The ball remained suspended in air when I let go.  I was even able to slowly move the hair dryer from side to side; tilting the stream of air and the ball along with it!

Once I made sure that the ball was securely in the path of the dryer and the dryer was upright again I then picked up the paper towel tube in my other hand and slowly brought the paper towel tube down over the ball.  As the tube got closer and close to the ball it eventually sucked the ball right up and through the tube; often giving the ball a boost and causing it to shoot up and hit the ceiling!

The boys thought this was so neat that they made me repeat the experiment several times; even moving into our two story great room so we could see just how high the ball was shot up without the ceiling getting in the way.  

You see when the air from the hair dryer foes through the tube it moves faster and the pressure goes even lower; low enough to suck up the ball.  


  1. Oh, wow! That looks like so much fun! Thank You for sharing the idea... I know what we will be doing for science next week in our homeschool... :)

  2. Cool! So much fun - and really easy too. I hate when experiments call for loads of ingredients or equipment that you don't have! Thanks for sharing on #fabfridaypost

    1. I love science experiments that are quick and easy!

  3. What a great idea and a way to inspire the fun that science brings to kids (and me)! TY! #FabFridayPost xo


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