100 Days of Science-- #10; Biomes Field Trip

A local homeschooling mom planned a field trip for us all to visit Biomes and the boys and I could not wait to see what this place was all about.

Our understanding was that it was a small aquarium that focused on hands- on learning and boy were we amazed at all we got to see and do!

 There were small tanks set up all around the room with posters and signs everywhere teaching us about marine animals.

This was one small corner of the room; tanks were lined up one right after the other. 

We had a few minutes to walk around on our own while everyone arrived and paid the admission fee.  We saw robin fish, crabs, rays, and flounders.

 We learned about Glofish and how they are genetically modified to glow

Watching the eel climb up it's tank
 We learned that this spotted scorpionfish is the most poisonous fish on Earth.

We learned about the various species of lobster and how they are rated for market pricing.

 Alec was reading all about grouper so he could answer questions on the scavenger hunt sheet we were given.

Evan got to pet a spiny dogfish shark.

Can you see the nose on this ray?  It's called the clearnose skate because you can see right through the skin where his "nose" would be! 

A display showing the different sands found on 43 local beaches 

The Flying Gurnard
 We learned that the catshark got it's name since it's eyes are elongated like a cat's eye.

My boys and I were fascinated by the Remora.  The top of this fish's head allows it to suction onto larger marine animals (like sharks- which we learned on Wild Kratts).  We just could not get over how much the patch looked like a sneaker tread.

The boys were invited to feed the sharks.

We then watched one of the workers feed the puffer fish and we learned even more about them.

We then learned more about the grouper and how they eat.  The winter grouper swallowed it's food whole because it's teeth are in it's neck.  The triggerfish gobbled up it's food with it's sharp teeth.

The kids were all invited to help feed the skates.  There was a video showing on a continuous loop that showed a skate being hatched out of a mermaid's purse.  The woman told the kids how to tell the difference between male and female skates, she flipped a skate over to show them their mouths and underside, and then talked to them about other features of the species; then all the kids got to feed them.

We sat down to listen to one last demonstration and saw this shrimp going crazy in his tank circling around and swimming in loops.

Our completed scavenger hunt pages; if we had more time there were even MORE sheets!  They had up to 100 questions about the marine animals they had on display. 
 For our last demonstration the man agitated a puffer fish until it puffed up with water.  He was able to lift it out of the tank for us to see and then the fish released all the water it had sucked up spraying the kids in front with water that shot out of it's mouth and gills.  I think all the kids enjoyed that the best.  They were then able to ask any questions they wanted.

The boys talked a lot about our trip all afternoon.

Evan's favorite part was seeing the puffer fish squirting water at everyone.

Ian was excited to see the toadfish.

Alec enjoyed all the animal feedings and reading all the signs to learn even more animal facts.

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  1. What a brilliant place to go! Even if you don't homeschool I think it would be super interesting for kids to visit and learn so much. #ExplorerKids

    1. Yep, it was so much fun! We'll definitely be back; with or without the group.

  2. This is so cool! So much to see and learn. I saw a puffer fish inflates and deflates once when I was in Thailand and we visited a fish farm near the sea. Then we had spicy Thai fish cakes for lunch. It was sooo yummy! :) Thank you so much linking up with us on #ExplorerKids x

    1. It was amazing! We had been told the facility was small and there wasn't much to see there but we found that there was so much to learn, read, and see... we'll definitely be going back.

  3. What a fab place. So much to learn and hands-on too. Loving the inflated puffer fish. Sarah #ExplorerKids

    1. I could not get over how much there was to see and do there; the time flew right by!


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