100 Days of Science-- #5 Corn Maze Field Trip

While I might not have thought of a trip to the corn maze as a science field trip if we had not been actively involved in this 100 Days of Science Challenge; I can not deny that we learned so much while out in the field.

Not only did we observe a lot about the cow corn that is used to build these corn mazes  but inside the maze there was a scavenger hunt through which we learned about sustainable farming, the tree of life, Henry Thoreau, and all sorts of green energy ideas.

We had a great time.. even if it did take us a bit longer than we had planned.

We found our first word clue! 

Looking out over the maze from the height of the bridge 

We can just barely spot the other bridge in the distance. 

We found the map inside the maze (which made finding all the hidden stations so much easier!)

These fun panels showed us our own secret map! 

When we finished the ENTIRE paper and answered all the trivia questions the kids were given free Maze Champion t-shirts!  

We then ended our outing wish some yummy ice cream! 

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  1. I love corn mazes! I can’t wait to visit one in our area this next week.

    1. It was so much fun (and one of the only times I've legitimately found my way back out).


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