100 Days of Science-- #32 Edible Silly Putty

We were looking for something fun and different to do for science one day so we tried making edible slime.  I've seen a few recipes floating around Pinterest that use candy,  heat, and food stuff to make slime and I always thought that sounded like fun. However, we found our slime was a bit stiffer and so we dubbed it silly putty! 

We settled on making Starburst slime and got to work sorting our colors.  We put about 15 or so Starburst in each pile.

Then we unwrapped them and put them each in their own small bowl.

We began microwaving them one at a time until they were just melted.  This took only 30 or so seconds in our microwave.  We were real careful to make sure we did not overly melt or burn them.

While one bowl was in the microwave I mixed together equal parts cornstarch and powdered sugar in another small bowl.

We added just a bit of the powder mixture to the bowl and began stirring; making sure to scrape up all the melted candy from the sides and bottom of the bowl as best we could.

Once we had it mixed pretty well and the candy mixture had cooled off we added a bit more powder and mixed/ kneaded by hand until we had a silly putty or slime type of texture.

Then the boys settled down to play!

Ian mixed the orange and yellow together to make a large waterfall

It did stiffen up a bit as it cooled off but the boys found the more they worked with it the more their hands warmed it up and kept it malleable.

They each tried a bite and tole me it tasted just like a regular Starburst candy.

It was fun but the putty did harden up considerably within an hour or two and by the next morning it was hard as a rock so while we consider this a successful science experiment it is not quite like silly putty!

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  1. What a great idea! The kids had to have very sticky hands after play time was over - LOL!

    1. They were a bit tacky but not nearly as sticky as I thought it would be.

  2. This is a great idea. My youngest will love it and we'll certainly be giving it a go over the summer hols. #blogcrush

    1. My boys want to try experimenting with other candies and food products now! It was so fun.

  3. Now this seems more my type of slime! I love Starburst candies.

    1. My boys do too! I, however, am not really a fan.


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