100 Days of Science #67-- Movies We're Watching

While science is one subject that I just love to make sure we're getting plenty of hands- on experience with it's also a great one to cover with lots and lots of movies.

We use everything from documentaries to science fiction and even some historical fiction based movies to give us a broader understanding of our world.

Here are some of our favorite movies we've been watching for science:

1.  The Science of Disney Imagineering Videos-- They have long since been our favorite science series and with another trip to Disney in the works I thought this would be a great time to re-watch them.  (We can rent just about every DVD in this series through interlibrary loan)

2.  DisneyNature films-- We can not wait to see Penguins (released last Wednesday!).  We have really enjoyed this series of movies and began making it a tradition a couple of years ago to spend our school day watching these nature videos as a celebration of Earth day. (most of these are available on Netflix)

3.  Hidden Figures-- We've been reading about the women behind NASA's successful space launches and this movie was fantastic. (another one we rented through our library)

4.  Brain Games-- We find this show that deals with how our brains work absolutely fascinating! It's so fun to play along with the little "tests" they set up too. (man of the seasons are available on Netflix)

5.  Tesla-- A movie about Nikola Tesla and the race to electricity.  (on Netflix)  This was a great look at the full life of the man who revolutionized electricity.

6.  The Lion in Your Living Room-- a movie about the common housecat (on Netflix)

7. Xploration DIY Sci-- Steve Spangler shows how to do easy, at home experiments in this amazing series of videos.  (included with Prime Video on Amazon)

8.  Dream Big; Engineering Our World-- (on Netflix) A look at man made marvels covering everything from the Great Wall of China to underwater robots.

9 & 10. Apollo 13-- (on Netflix) & Apollo 11 ( I have this on hold through our library already for it's release on DVD next month)--  A movie about NASA's first attempts to put a man on the moon.

11.  Exploration Awesome Planet--  (included with Prime Video on Amazon)-- This series explores some of the places on, under, and around the Earth that make our planet so wonderful.

Do you have any favorite science movies or series that you think we should see?  I'd love to hear your suggestions below!

Others in this series:
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54. Flouride and Calcium Experiment
55. Botanical Gardens in Winter
56.  Making Cell Models
57. Which Has More Water; Ice or Snow?
58. Exploding Snow and Water Baggies
59.  Exploring Minerals
60. Visiting the Hartford Science Museum
61-63. 3 STEM Bridge Challenges
64. Making Models of the Earth
65. Plate Techtonics with Graham Crackers
66.  Homemade Lava Lamp


  1. This is a great list of titles for science! It's awesome to have this many choices to make learning entertaining as well as educational.

    1. I completely agree; I often focus on entertaining educational resources as I know my boys are more apt to remember something they really enjoy.

  2. Great list you have here. I loved Hidden Figures!

    1. We did too and not just for the science of it either; I loved that look at history too.

  3. These are such good suggestions! I'm putting them on my to-watch list for the family. It is so hard to find any tv that is good for family-viewing. When I was a science teacher, I loved finding just the right documentary to show in class. Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  4. You have a couple on your list we haven't checked out yet - yay!


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