100 Days of Science #52- Learning About Birds in Winter

We've studied birds a few times in our homeschool.  Typically we wouldn't be learning about birds in winter but I thought that was actually what made this such a perfect little mini unit.  Even though we live in New England there are still birds that around in winter and I thought it might interest the boys to learn about them.

We read a few picture books about birds.  Here are some suggestions for you:

1.  Welcome, Brown Bird

2.  Backyard Birds of Winter


Once we were finished reading our books we made bird feeders.  We've made a few birdseed crafts in the past and this time settled on making little cups out of orange peels.  

First we cut an orange in half and then scraped out the pulp. 

We poked 4 holes of equal distant in the rind and threaded string through them.

Then we tied the strings together and filled our cups with bird seed.

We brought them outside and hung them on our tree.

Other bird feeder suggestions:

Coat an empty toilet paper roll in honey or peanut butter and roll in seeds then thread string or pipe cleaners through and hang it in a tree. 

Others in this series:
2.  Field Trip to the Ecotarium 
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  1. I have oranges on trees right now that I could totally do this with. What a great idea :)

  2. Great idea! We did this years ago with birdseed on cardboard. I should try this craft again over winter break. Visiting from Happy Now party.

  3. Thanks so much for for stopping by and for your Congrats for my son and daughter-in-law!!

  4. Wow! This is *awesome*! I need to do one of these with my kiddos. The birds would love it and my kiddos would really enjoy making it.


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