100 Days of Science-- # 37 Save the Bay Exploration Center & Aquarium Trip

The only way we could get the younger two boys to agree to tour the Newport Car Museum was to offer to take them to the aquarium when we were finished.

Never having been to the Save the Bay Exploration Center and Aquarium we weren't really sure what to expect.

It is a very small aquarium that displays only animals found nearby in the Narragansett Bay.  There are three touch tanks lots of information stuffed into the small building.

We saw a robin fish and the boys remembered the one we saw in the wild at the beach.

So many of my pictures were blurry because the lighting was low but we did have a good time; even if it only took us 20 or 30 minutes to walk around and see everything.

I was most fascinated by the tank with the baby sand sharks and rays...

The lights behind the sacks really allowed us to see inside! 
We also saw bio-luminescent jelly fish, eels, diamond back terrapin sea turtles, sea horses, snapping turtles, and so much more!

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  1. Those baby sand sharks are amazing! What an awesome trip! I have to admit I would have only been in it for the aquarium as I am not a car person at all either - LOL!

    1. I was definitely looking more forward to the aquarium myself.

  2. Those kinds of things interest me. Looks like a nice aquarium.

    1. Me too. I just love seeing and learning about marine life.


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