100 Days of Science #46-- Looking At the Germ Farm Under the Microscope

Before we got rid of our germ farm we thought it would be fun to look at what we had grown under the microscope.  

I had originally planned to use actual slides but we wondered if we could just stick them as is under the microscope and get them to work.  

This is our microscope and we just love it!

Turns out that worked out beautifully!  We were limited to using our smallest lens and we couldn't always see the exact center of our containers but we still got to see so much and I'll fully admit I was relieved not to have to take off the lids and try to move whatever was growing over to a slide. 

Here are just a few of the more interesting things we observed. 

It's always amazing to see how different everything looks under the microscope.  We loved that most of the dishes had multiple things growing in them and just a slight twist of the container gave us something new and equally fascinating to look at!

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  1. As a teacher (and one who does not enjoy teaching Science) I find this super fascinating and inspiring. Thank you!


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