100 Days of Science # 58 : Exploding Snow and Water Baggies

When I saw this idea on Forgetful Momma I just knew my boys and I had to try this the very next time we got some snow.

It seems like no matter how many times we set off reactions with baking soda and vinegar or Alka- Seltzer tablets and water my boys never tire of it.

For this experiment we followed all of Forgetful Momma's instructions and filled our bag with snow before adding a few Alka- Seltzer tablets to the bag and sealing it shut we also decided to try a few tablets in warm water to see which would explode faster.

You can see the air puffing up the bag

The Alka- Seltzer tables in the warm water blew up the bag almost immediately!

We even had the bag with the warm water pop a hole in it first and splash water everywhere!

We never actually got our snow baggie to burst; but it did fill up so much that it flipped up on it's end.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! It was fun and thankfully the water didn't ruin anything it splashed on.

  2. This looks like such fun! Exploding bags are right down my kid's alley :)

  3. Replies
    1. It is a lot of fun and you could always substitute crushed ice for the snow.


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