100 Days of Science #49-- Kitchen Chemistry

We had some friends over one day last week for a fun hands on morning of kitchen chemistry!  We're using the same science book series as another homeschooling family we're friends with and we thought it would be fun to get together a couple times a week to try some experiments together.

While my kids were able to anticipate quite a few of the chemical reactions we did have a few surprises thrown in too.

We gathered together our materials:  lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, egg whites, milk, salt water, baking soda, some small glass jars, and a measuring spoon.

Then we took turns picking two ingredients to combine together.  We had a chart we drew up and we were looking for specific reactions.  Our book taught us that there are 4 changes we should look for: a change in color, a change in temperature (which doesn't happen with these ingredients), bubbles (which means a gas is being released), and for precipitate to be formed (think any sort of particles).

I won't tell you all of our results but we did have some that gave off bubbles!

Some that not only didn't react but really didn't even want to mix together!

When we were done systematically testing each of the "ingredients" in pairs we did leave the kids to explore and they were welcome to bring in other ingredients too.  Alec tried a few extra experiments with melted marshmallow, egg yolks, and salt.

Evan discovered that combining balsamic vinegar with lemon juice created a much bigger reaction with baking soda than either of them alone with baking soda.

Alec found that melted marshmallows really don't combine with anything! 

I think he had a lot of fun though and was definitely surprised to see just how many bubbles were formed when vinegar, lemon juice, and egg yolk were mixed together before adding baking soda and yet more lemon juice!

Do you have any favorite kitchen chemistry experiments?  

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