100 Days of Science #72-- Starburst Rock Cycle

My boys love any edible science experiments and I just knew they were going to have a ball learning about the rock cycle using Starburst candies.

We had never really talked about the rock cycle before but we just dove right in.  I poured out the bag of candies and told them to pick at least three in three different colors (most of them chose to use 4 candies but I didn't mind).

We unwrapped them and set to work making sedimentary rocks by stacking our Starburst candies together and pressing them together lightly with our hands.

Next we wrapped our candies up in some parchment paper and popped them in our toaster oven at 200 degrees for 5-10 minutes.  We checked them frequently to see when they had softened.

Once they were soft enough that our finger prints made an indent we unwrapped them and played with them a bit; mixing the colors together.

The added heat made them very susceptible to pressure and we made some very colorful rock formations.

Mixing up our metamorphic rocks.

Of course they all thought the best part was getting to eat the "rocks" when they were done.

There are lots of great rock cycle videos too and we watched one from the Scholastic sight.  It was such a quick and fun science activity.

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