100 Days of Science #70-- Best Board Games for Science

We recently bought a new board game.  It's not like we need anymore games as we have a few closets worth of games.  But I just love playing games and with being a homeschooling family it's hard to pass up a game I know we can use to learn about something that might otherwise be a little less fun.

Through the years we have found several games that we really enjoy playing for science.  Some may only superficially broach a topic but others have just been fabulous for hammering home some real points of learning.

Here are 10 games we love and or want for our science studies:

1.  Zooloretto-- I had a hard time finding a link for this game but my boys enjoy trying to build their own zoo in this fun board game.

2.  Trekking the National Parks-- This is our latest game and I can not wait to learn more with the boys about our national parks.

3.  Ion: A Compound Building Game-- We bought this game a few years ago and while the directions can be confusing at times it is a great way to learn some chemistry.

4.  Cytosis:A Cell Biology Game-- Now I can't attest to how this one plays but it is on our wishlist and looks amazing!  What a fun way to study cells!

5.  Rock On! Geology game-- Another one that is on our wishlist.  I love that not only does it come with game ideas but it comes with lots of sample rocks!

6.  Animal Tracks-- We used to play this memory type game all the time and honestly a few of those cards have helped us identify animal tracks when we're out hiking.

7. Trivia Crack-- I can not find a link to this game anywhere but we love this board game.  With 6 categories of questions we learn a lot about history, science, geography and so much more when we play.

8. Forbidden Island-- Working together to save a fictional island's treasures before it sinks forever we did apply just a tad bit of science knowledge to this in what characters we used and what strategies we employed.

9.  Gravity Maze and Laser Maze-- These two games require basic knowledge of science; cause and effect, how mirrors bend light, etc. and are great for playing alone.

10.  Mouse Trap-- While my boys would not play this anymore since it's for "little kids" it is a Rube Goldberg type machine in action that you get to build and set off and I just couldn't not include it in my list.

Others in this series:
53. Iodine and Starch Experiment
54. Flouride and Calcium Experiment
55. Botanical Gardens in Winter
56.  Making Cell Models
57. Which Has More Water; Ice or Snow?
58. Exploding Snow and Water Baggies
59.  Exploring Minerals
60. Visiting the Hartford Science Museum
61-63. 3 STEM Bridge Challenges
64. Making Models of the Earth
65. Plate Techtonics with Graham Crackers
66.  Homemade Lava Lamp
67.  Science Movies We're Watching
Index Card Towers

69.  Botany at the Botanical Gardens


  1. I love using games to learn. They are a wonderful way to introduce topics.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. This is such a great list! I never thought of getting learning games for the kids, but it's such a wonderful way to get them learning! Which one is your favorite?

    1. I really like Forbidden Island since we all have to work together.

  3. we love board games in our home and homeschool - you've introduced me to several new ones now. That's exciting!
    My kids really like Forbidden Island, and Forbidden Desert. And Mousetrap? That's a classic, and one of their all-time favorites. So many memories collecting cheese and chasing mice around the board.

    1. I know just what you mean. We make lots of memories playing together and I am always so excited to find a new game to try out.


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