100 Days of Science-- Recap Summary of Our Last 2 Years!

It took us just over 13 months to finish our 100 Days of Art Challenge & I swore I'd never tackle another challenge like that.. then somehow time went by and I forgot how hard it was to come up with 100 different ideas and thought it would be great to try and tackle a 100 days of science....

2 years later and we FINALLY completed all 100 days!  Of course we had lots of other science exploration during that time that I didn't blog about but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't hard to complete this challenge.

In case you haven't been following along with us these past few years here is a summary of all the experiments, trips, and science activities we did to complete our 100 days.

Our Projects:

1.  Testing out Bernoulli's Principle

2.  Field Trip to the Ecotarium

3. Air Molecule Experiment

4.  Baking and Kitchen Science

15. & 16.  Snow Experiments

23.  Springfield Science Museum Trip

47. & 48.  Building Model Molecules 2 Ways

49.  Kitchen Chemistry


  1. This is one of most impressive things I've seen. How did you come up with each of these? I would love to do something like this, but I think I'd have to do a thirty day challenge to start. The idea of 100 days is so intimidating!

    1. It wasn't easy; I looked in lots of science experiment books, searched Pinterest (almost constantly!), and tried variations on other experiments we had enjoyed a lot in previous years. I would definitely recommend starting with 30 days instead!!

  2. Wow...what a wonderful way to teach your children about science! Thank you for sharing on Farm Fresh Tuesdays!

  3. Such wonderful learning experiences! Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ's.

  4. Thank you for sharing at #ThursdayFavoriteThings. Pinned and shared. Have a lovely week. I hope to see you at next week’s party too!


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