52 Lists week #51; Favorite Lists from the 52 List Challenge

For those of you that don't read my blog regularly I've been participating in a 52 Lists Challenge this year and now that we're winding down the year this week our assignment was to list the lists we liked the best from the year's worth of challenges.

It was a lot of fun to look back at them all through the year and pick my favorites:

I had forgotten about some like...

Listing the Things I Should Be Proud of

I loved looking at both my Gratitude List from November and my Grateful List from February

The Things I Want to Be Known For has helped me focus on what is really important in my life.

There were others that I just found to be so fun!  Like listing:

The Places I Want to Go

My Favorite Books

My Favorite Albums

Some I still find so helpful... like:

Listing my Favorite Quotes. 

Things that Feel Like Home

It has been so much fun linking up with fellow bloggers and coming up with my lists each week.  I've been thinking about purchasing a journal on Amazon and continuing my 52 lists throughout next year too.

Here are a few of the journals I'm looking at buying:

The 52 Lists Project

week #20; My Summer Goals
week #23; My Pet Peeves
week #25; My Favorite Meals
week #30; My Favorite Games
week #31; Sports I Watch or Play 
week #35; How I'd Spend 1 Million Dollars 
week #37; My Favorite Places to Shop
week #38; Our family Traditions
week #39; The Things I Wish For 
week #40; My Daily Routine
week #41;  (Make up for any missed list)

week #42; List the Things You Do when You are Sick 

week #43; Conversational Favorites

week #44; November to do list 
week #45; My Gratitude List
week #48; December to do list 

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