52 Lists week #26: The Things I Keep In My Purse

What a fun and easy list assignment this week: list the things you keep in your purse / handbag.  I typically have a pretty small purse but somehow I manage to put quite a bit into it.  I am one of those people who feels the need to always be prepared "just in case!" 

Now I know this list is a bit long but I actually do carry around a fairly small purse- honest!

  • Keys
  • Cell Phone
  • Wallet
  • Small first aid kit/ stash of band aids (I have 3 boys!)
  • Gum
  • Sunglasses
  • A tiny make up kit with lip gloss, blush and a nail file
  • Pen
  • Mini hair brush
  • A Book (usually)
  • A small camera
  • Travel pack of tissues 
What do you keep in your purse?

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  1. I forgot my cell phone on my list, but that's because I normally put it in my back pocket.

    1. I'm surprised I thought to put mine on the list... usually I forget it on the counter or the table and leave the house without it!

  2. Your list reminded me that I need to put a nail file in my purse. I keep forgetting and always need one when I'm out and about.

    1. I try to keep a few in there; I seem to always loose them and yet I need one so often.

  3. Now I'm wondering where the little pack of kleenex that used to be in my purse is. I didn't see any when I made my list.


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