52 Lists Projects-- List #3 Things You Should be Proud of

This was a tough list to write this week.  I struggled to come up with a decent sizes list.... struggled!

I am not one to take pride in much of anything; probably because I am such a perfectionist that my results often fall short of my expectations.  It's something I'm working on.

I was happy for this week's list and all the challenges it presented to me.

After much long and thoughtful meditation I realized the challenge was to come up with a list of things I SHOULD be proud of and I know there is much I should be proud of (even if I don't feel proud of them).... than I was finally able to come up with my list:

  • Sticking with Homeschooling even when it got real tough-- and boy there have been plenty of times I wanted to quit. 
  • Having been happily married for almost 15 years-- my hubby and I started dating when we were just 16!  For us to be so happily married so many, many years later is just wonderful.
  • My boys; just looking at them fills me with pride and love.
  • My blog; I work hard to keep it real and honest and it's something I've found myself working on harder and harder each day.  Just to write today's post I had to learn how to type hearts, take a screen shot, edit my picture and change it to a jpeg file! 
  • I often face my fears head on-- Just in the past week alone I climbed a rock wall and went through an aerial obstacle course (and I'm afraid of heights!) but I think it's important to overcome my fears and show my boys that fear shouldn't always stop us. 
  • My cooking skills--Not to toot my own horn but I'm a really good cook and baker and it's mostly been through trial and error and learning to follow my instincts.  
  • My house is usually clean-- I know that by most people's standards our house is usually pretty spotless; I work hard to keep our home neat and clean. 
  • I choose to stay home with my boys-- I have a master's degree that I worked hard to earn and then decided to ignore just a few short years later.  I wanted to be home with my boys and I'm proud that I have chosen this route in life.  
  • All my artwork--While I usually only get to show off my artwork in the form of cards and scrapbook pages now a days I was quite the painter when I had time and enjoy all arts and crafts; something I know not everyone can do. 
  • That I am smart-- I pick up on concepts and ideas fairly quickly and I read ALL THE TIME.  
  • I work hard-- Sometimes it's hard to see the evidence of all my work since it's usually in the form of housework drudgery that just needs to be done again and again but I do work hard and I should be proud of that.  
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  1. Great list - those are wonderful things to be proud of!

  2. I love your list! I also struggled with this week's list... don't know why? I didn't add anything I was proud of for myself. I am proud that I have stuck with homeschooling through the hard times as well as the easy ones, and that I am not afraid to try new curriculum or methods or ditch ones that don't work out! :-)

    1. I figured all those achievements of your children that you were proud of certainly count as being proud for yourself; without you they probably would not have had the same achievements.

  3. Great list! I think it is hard to be publicly proud of ourselves.

  4. You obviously put your mind to something and just do it.. ! Rock climbing and arial crazy.. I dont know I used to be pretty wild in that kinda stuff as a kid, but something happened to my ol brain after I had kids and realized my mortality..LOL GREAT LIST!!

    1. Yes! That whole mortality thing really get me now that I'm older. I see danger and death everywhere.

  5. Beautiful list! I think this week was hard for several of us, but yes, we should be proud of obstacles we've overcome. Congrats on your fear of heights. I join you in this fear, but not sure that I would even try :)

    1. Thank you. I am having such a fun time responding to these challenges each week.


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