52 Lists Week #24: My Happiest Moments

 I am so fortunate to have so many happy memories and moments!  My only problem was deciding how far back to go with this list and how much detail to go into. 

Spending each day with my boys there aren't always huge moments that stick out in my mind. Looking back over the years there are many smiles, lots of laughter, and a whole lot of fun. 

Here is a listing of my happiest moments:
  • The day my husband proposed
  • My wedding day
  • Every moment of our honeymoon 
  • The day we moved into our home
  • When I found out I was pregnant 
  • Listening to baby heartbeats in the doctor's office 
  • The first time I felt any of my babies move while pregnant
  • The birth of my children
  • The short Disney trip my husband and I took when the kids were little and we left them home!  It was like a second honeymoon.
  • Watching my boys during their preschool plays and graduation
  • Family vacations; they all bring back such sweet, happy memories
  • Watching my boys show mastery of a skill they struggled to learn
  • Seeing new milestones pass as my boys grow and change

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  1. A lot of these are my happiest moments, too!! It is def. amazing to hear their little heartbeats for the first time. :)


    1. It's been 9 years and I can still hear that sound. :)

  2. Yes, to feeling the little baby flutters and kicks! Great list :)

  3. Homeschooling has allowed me so many happy moments with my kids!! Love your list.

    1. Thank you. I am so grateful that we homeschool specifically for that reason.

  4. Awe, this is such a sweet post! Our kids a apart of some of our happiest moments too!

  5. It is so good to reflect on those happy times... and to treasure them. :)

    1. I find it is so good for keeping a positive outlook! :)


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