52 Lists Week #14; Your Childhood and Current Dream Jobs

I saw this week's assignment: list your childhood and current dream jobs and though... hmm... other than being a wife and mother what are some jobs I've dreamed of doing?  It took me awhile but I finally compiled a list.

Here are the different jobs I have dreamed of doing at one point or another:
  • Librarian-- With my love of books this has always seemed like a great job!
  • Fashion Designer-- I came very close to going to college for this! I made most of my own prom dressed in high school and loved playing around with fabrics and designs.
  • Travel Agent-- I love planning and what is more fun to plan than vacations?!  I thought this would be a fun job. 
  • Get Paid to Travel-- as I got older I thought it would be even better to be a photo journalist or have a show like Travel With Kids where I could get paid to travel with my family and see the world. 
  • Elementary Art Teacher-- I ended up going to school to be an elementary school teacher and minored in the fine arts.  I love painting, drawing and crafting.
  • Professional Crafter-- I have thought about making and selling crafts at various crafting fairs or on etsy but can never seem to focus on just a craft or two.  
  • Personal Shopper-- I have always been intrigued with the idea of getting paid to shop.  I mean who doesn't enjoy shopping?!
  • Interior Designer-- I looked into this career for college too; I just love decorating houses! Picking out wall colors, drapes, furniture, rugs and accents; it's always been fun and I've been told I have a real knack for that. 
  • Writer-- With my love of words and my desire to express myself this is one dream I've gone back to over and over again. 

But mostly I've always just wanted to be a wife and a mother... and now I'm a teacher and a blogger too.  It's enough and I'm thankful for all the wonderful opportunities I've been given along the way.  

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  1. I think I could enjoy being a Librarian, I used to be a total book worm as a kid.. I long to be that book worm again.

    Buttermilk Pie My Friend is sure YUMMY GOOD.. Its a Southern Kinda Pie.. almost custard like in texture. I will be more than happy to get rolling out a recipe on my blog here real soon and let you know about it. :)PS: Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting

  2. Love, love, love, the Librarian! I so should have had this on my list :)

    1. I only thought of it because our library has had a few librarians retire these past two years and each time I thought.... I could do that!

  3. I'd like to work in a library someday, too. :)

    1. There is something so calming about being in a quiet place surrounded by books!


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