52 Lists Week #12; The Things That Feel Like Home

This Week's list assignment; the things that feel like home was another challenge.  Again that literal side of my brain kept thinking that home felt like home and not much else.  

But once I let it fester for a bit I came up with a few more ideas.  I realized that home feels comfortable, I feel loved when I'm there and surrounded by my family.  Home is where I am free to be me and where I can relax and rest. 

Here are the things that feel like home:

  • Being held in my husbands arms
  • Eating food I remember my mom making when I was a child
  • Climbing into my bed after a long day
  • When I'm at peace in nature; kayaking down a brook or hiking through the woods
  • Reclining on a comfortable sofa or chair
  • Curling up in front of a fire with a comfy blanket
  • Watching my boys faces light up with smiles 
  • Holidays spent with family; no matter where we are

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  1. There is nothing like crawling into bed at the end of the day!

  2. Yes, childhood foods...I cooked a comfort food for my husband the other day and he was so excited that it was just like his mom used to make it! I used to think that idea was silly, but now that I'm "all grown up" I realize it's more about the memories and comfort those memories bring.

    1. It really is. Funny how food and music can take us back in time.

  3. I long for my bed too after a long day. Great list!

  4. Being away from home for over a year, this list was actually hard for me. I've had to make home where I was allowed to be with my health. Love your list!

    1. I can't even imagine what it must have felt like to have been away from home for so long. Hopefully your health will continue allow you to live in your home now.


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