52 Lists; Week #11 Your Essentials.

I'm not gonna lie this week's list assignment: list your essentials kind of threw me for a bit.  Mainly because I am so literal and essentials implies something I can not live without.  So I'm thinking food, water, and shelter.  Those are literally the items I can not live without.  

Yet there are many things I would not WANT to live without.  

So here is my list of "essentials":

  • My Family-- I can not imagine my life without mu husband, my boys and our families.  Life would be pretty lonely and meaningless without them.  
  • Chocolate-- Need I say more?
  • Sunshine-- I just LOVE sunny days.  There is something so uplifting about sunshine. 
  • Books-- I love to read.  I am a total bookworm. 
  • Flip flops-- To me, they are the most comfortable shoes in the world.  I wear them every chance I get.
  • Nature-- Birds, trees, flowers, the sounds of running water, waves crashing, and birds chirping; being in nature makes me feel peaceful.
  • Technology-- Though I often complain about the distraction of computers, Wifi, smartphones and the like I could not imagine my life without it.  It allows me to write this blog through which I have connected with so many wonderful fellow bloggers. 
  • Electricity-- Something I always take for granted until we loose power but honestly even being without power for a day (or a week!) makes me wonder how people ever survived without it.  
I'm sure there are others that I am forgetting but if my list were too long then they would not be essentials!  

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  1. You did great with your list! Mine would be family and books. You can a multitude of things with books :)

  2. I took this pretty literal at first, too... it took some time thinking outside the box. Great list and love that you added nature in to yours.

  3. My husband and I talk about electricity like that, but I guess when you've never known any different (our ancestors) you weren't missing out on anything.

    1. True. I think it's so hard for us because everything uses electricity now.


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