52 Lists-- List #6: The Ways in Which You Can Love Others

This weeks list topic really intrigued me: the ways in which you can love others. 
I just loved the idea of thinking of all the different ways we can show our love. 

Wasn't the lake just beautiful at sunset after our last snowstorm? 

Here are some of the many simple ways I show my love to others:

Sharing Hugs ♥ Giving Kisses ♥ Rubbing the boys heads ♥ Making their favorite meals or snacks ♥ Offering to buy a special treat ♥ Planning special surprises ♥ Cuddling on the couch ♥ Sharing books and movie I love with them ♥ Smiling ♥ Giving flowers ♥ Making handmade gifts and cards ♥ Scrapbooking our family memories ♥ Holding hands ♥ Helping when help is needed (without being asked) ♥ Hosting family gatherings ♥ Getting up a few minutes earlier to make my husbands lunch ♥ Sending flirty texts to my hubby ♥ Sending encouraging messages to family and friends when they're having a bad day ♥ Playing games together ♥ Sharing special date nights with my husband ♥ Giving them the last chocolate treat (even when I really, really want it!) ♥ Watching movies with them that don't really interest me just because they asked me to ♥ Holding open doors for others ♥ Giving sincere compliments ♥ Telling them I love them ♥ Giving them my undivided attention when they're talking Lending them a shoulder to cry on Taking the time to stop and visit with family (especially the elderly ones who are home bound) Bringing meals to family who are sick, have a new baby, or need help ♥  

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  1. I just love the Pooh graphic about love -- "you feel it"! So true and tied in so perfectly with this week's list. Love is something we "do" is where my list ended as I took time to reflect upon acting upon showing love to others. We shared similarities on our lists. Thank you for sharing with us!

  2. *sigh* The last chocolate is definitely a sign of love. :)

    1. Lol! I thought so too... and with three boys that happens often.


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