52 lists-- List #4; Current and Future Goals and Dreams

 I think I may have groaned aloud when I saw that this weeks theme was: your current and future goals & dreams 

I'm not so sure I have goals.  Isn't that awful to admit?  I mean I know you are supposed to set and declare and goals.  That you should write them down in order to achieve them and that your goals help you decide on a course of action for your life... 

But honestly I'm not super goal oriented and I'm not much of a dreamer either.  

I am pretty down to Earth and realistic.  

I'm pretty content to take life as it comes and enjoy each day as part of my journey.  

But this is a list challenge and so come up with a list I must!  

So in brainstorming here are some of my goals for this year:

Take a family vacation- anywhere  Loose those 10 pounds that I somehow gained over the past few months  Graduate the boys to the next grade in schooling Paint the pillars outside; after 11 years it's time!  Get outside everyday even if it's only for 15 minutes Make more time for ME!

    Others in this series:


    1. I need to join you in getting outside for 15 minutes. I seem to get caught up with household stuff and easily put that off. Another great list this week :) Thank you again for being an encouragement to me!

      1. It really is! Especially in winter; I'm more of a summer girl.

    2. I love your list and the goals you set!

    3. I can SO agree with your non-goal life!!!


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