52 Lists week #35: How Would You Spend 1 Million Dollars?

So all week I pondered this week's list assignment: list what you would spend a million$ dollar inheritance or lottery winning.... and realized no matter what I was going to sound selfish and possibly a bit shallow. 

See I want to be that sort of person who claims they'd help the homeless or starving children in Africa or some other noble cause... but that's not me. 

Truthfully if I was given 1 million dollars or won the lottery (which would be really hard since I don't play!)... I know that I would use that money to travel.  Travel a lot and far and in style with my family.  

There are so many wonderful sights to see out there and I would love more than anything to be able to show my boys all those wonders.  

Now I have never priced out a lifestyle of travelling but I am assuming with 5 people, the costs of flights, hotels, and food that we would pretty much spend that money in no time! 

But if I had money left over I'd:

  • pay for the boys' college education (or fund their business idea)
  • finish off the basement and get all those household projects done

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  1. I'd want to do some traveling, too. After paying off the house, of course. And fixing the place up a bit. We need new carpet and paint. I'm actually hoping to go back to China later this year, to work with orphans for a couple of weeks.

    1. I feel like we always need new carpeting or paint somewhere-- kids are pretty rough on furniture too!

  2. I would totally travel, too! Where would you want to go first?

    1. Hm... that's a tough one. I think Italy would be my first choice... or Hawaii!

  3. We'd definitely pay off our mortgage and student load debt. Then, I think we'd sell our house so we could build or buy a larger one that is suitable for housing our aging parents.

  4. I would want to pay off the mortgage and travel. However, I would really like to start a homeschool business that would provide a book store, library of science equipment and games that could be checked out and have rooms that could be rented out for very cheap to hold homeschool gatherings in for our community. We would probably do some big charity work, but I not sure what that would be.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. I like the homeschool business idea; I'm sure there is quite a need for that! We'd use it.

    2. That homeschool business idea sounds amazing!

  5. I would do the exact same thing. Except, I'd probably pay off the debt first, then travel.

    1. I probably should but I guess I feel like the debt isn't all THAT much and we've lived with it for this long...

  6. Travel would be fun, too, although I'm terrified of flying so it truly keeps my traveling limited.

    1. I am not terrified of flying but I prefer road trips; they just seem easier than all the security, possibility of missed or redirected flights, etc. I've always wanted to do a nice long road trip across all 50 states.

  7. See, the practical side of me says to pay off the house/debt stuff first, and then add that money to the travel and play funds, lol!

    1. I'm sure mine would too.... but I can dream that I'd just spend...


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