52 Lists week #33: Favorite Places to Eat

This week's assignment: list your favorite places or food to eat out is so incredibly easy!  I love eating out!!

Don't get me wrong; I LOVE to cook and bake and generally just hang out in my kitchen or at home.  I love finding new recipes and trying them out.  

But there are so many nights when I just don't have the energy left or I'm craving a favorite food from a certain local restaurant.... and since I am an unabashed foodie there are so many places I enjoy going to eat. 

Starting off with the larger chain type restaurants:

  • Cheesecake Factory-- this had to be #1 on my list!  I love their cheesecakes and find any excuse to eat there... plus their chicken madeira is to die for!  
  • Texas Roadhouse-- mostly I go for the rolls and cinnamon butter; we've even figured out how to make the cinnamon butter at home and slather it on our waffles.  YUM!
  • Pizzeria Uno -- I love their deep dish pizzas and that peanut butter cup dessert is dangerously good.
  • Panera Bread-- My husband and boys refuse to eat their so I save Panera bread for a light lunch out with my mom, sisters or girlfriends. I love their sandwiches and they have some of the best tasting salads. 
  • Steak and Shake-- We don't have any of these around us but my husband "discovered" them when he was working in Florida and its been a family tradition to visit at least one while on vacation in the south.  Their burgers and shakes are so tasty. 
  • Olive Garden-- I am a sucker for Italian food and I have tried so many different things on their menu that I just LOVE.
  • Bertucci's--( See Olive Garden!).  We always refer to it as the sticky dough place!  We first tried Bertucci's when spending our days at Boston Children's hospital.  My oldest son was always cheered up at having to go to the Dr. by getting to visit (what he affectionately called) "the sticky dough place."  They had out rolls of unbaked dough for the kids to play with and my son thought this was waay better than crayons. 
  • Medieval Times-- Much like Steak and Shake this is something we only get to visit when we're on vacation... but we have been to at least three shows.  My boys just love it and you can't beat great entertainment with a good meal. 

Non-Chain restaurants:
  • We have many road side stands that crop up in the summer that sell burgers, fries, seafood, and ice cream and there are quite a few that we enjoy visiting while we can.
  • Whistle Stop-- we have only recently tried this restaurant and have already visited multiple times.  The food is just SO GOOD!  
  • Bill's Bread and Breakfast-- When we're looking for a really great breakfast place we head to Bill's!  They made a variety of fresh pastries and breads and no one can beat their breakfasts! 
  • Lake Pizza-- A local pizza place with great food and great prices.  We've ordered a variety of dishes from them and have yet to be disappointed in a single one. 
  • Bella's!-- We just found this restaurant a few weeks ago and boy did we just love it!  The food was great!  The service was fantastic too.  Authentic Italian food with so much of it handmade right on site. 
  • Wright's Farm-- This restaurant offers family style all you can eat dining of chicken, french fries, salad, shells and sauce and rolls.  It's the same meal every time and it's always packed.  
  • O'Hana-- I was afraid to start listing Disney World restaurants on my list because I do love so many of theirs; however if anyone I know is going to Disney this is the restaurant I recommend hands down to the rest.  Mostly for the unique food and atmosphere... of course it doesn't hurt that it's family style all you can eat either.  
  • O' Conners-- This Irish pub has such wonderful food.  Sheppard's pie, chicken pot pie; it's like a taste of Ireland on this side of the pond. 

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  1. I am right there with you on lacking the energy to cook every single day. Sometimes, you just need a break. And I love your choice of Steak and Shake. It was on of my go-to places in college but I no longer live near one.

    1. Yeah we don't have any near us but each year when we finally decide on a vacation destination I am asked to check and see if there are any near where we are staying. My boys just LOVE it... one week in Orlando we ate there three times!

  2. OH my, I am soooo craving to go and eat out after reading your list. I wish we had a Texas Roadhouse nearby but the closest one is like 3 hours away. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. My family and I were talking about this list all weekend long- they were trying to help me decide if i had forgotten anything. And we ended up eating out quite a bit!

  3. Panera Bread was our last date night! :)

  4. Fun list! Our family likes 5 Guys for their great burgers and utterly excessive fries!

    1. I have never been to a 5 Guys but my oldest son has been with his grandfather and keeps telling me we must check it out one day.

  5. My parents met at Steak N Shake, so it's always been our family's spot! These lists are fun -- some of them would even match up with my #5After5 series! (although right now, I'm here from #FridayFrivolity)

    1. How fun! My boys are already checking to see where Steak N Shakes are near our hotel this fall.


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