52 Lists week #37; My Favorite Places to Shop

I'm back!  I took a short break from the blog while I was on VACATION!  So now I'm playing catch up with all the blogging I didn't do.  I had planned to blog on vacation and had even brought my laptop along with me but I was quite happy with my decision to take a break from all media while I was gone.  Being unplugged really made it seem like a vacation.... besides there was no way the computer was going to compete with the views! 

 Last week's assignment: list your\ favorite places to shop was a piece of cake!  I love to shop!  Though with kids I don't really get to shop nearly enough-- at least not for fun stuff like clothing, cute shoes, and other non essentials.  

I had to admit that my shopping habits changed tremendously once I had kids and that included more than just what I shop for too.  Before kids I used to love taking off for a day of shopping, wandering from one store to the next, and often spending the entire day wandering the mall.  With three boys that was no longer an option.  

Most of my shopping is done on-line or in a store where I can get everything in one quick stop.  And usually the quicker the better! 

So here are my new favorite places to shop:

1. Amazon!  I shop for EVERYTHING on Amazon and just love the convenience of having the items show up at my door without ever having to leave the house.  

2.  Target.  I probably stop at Target at least once a week.  We buy everything there from clothing and shoes to toiletry items and household goods.  It's my go to store when I don't have a couple of days to wait for Amazon to ship it to my house.

3.  Vera Bradley.  OK, so while I can't afford to shop here all that often I do LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Vera Bradley bags and now that they've added matching scarves, jewelry and all those fun "girly" things I just can't seem to stay away.  It's fun to browse... 

4.  If I'm shopping for clothes for myself and I can't find anything at Target I usually try Kohls and JcPenney.  Between those three stores I can usually find anything I need for my closet and those tend to be the stores I use for the boys clothes too. 

5.  We buy all of our groceries at Market Basket.  While I can't say grocery shopping is my favorite, if I have to buy groceries (and I do seem to have to buy them quite often!) then at least I can say I enjoy shopping at Market Basket.  They have some pretty big stores and prices are just unbeatable! Plus I don't have to have shopper loyalty cards or worry about any other gimmicks, they just offer low prices all the time to everyone.  

6.  Craft stores!  I just love walking through any and all crafting supply stores.  I get so inspired by all the little bits and pieces.  I'm always trying out new crafts and new ideas. 

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  1. Amazon is my go-to shopping place too. Otherwise, I really dislike shopping altogether (much to my husband's delight). :) Target and Kohl's are also favorites. And right around the corner is Walmart where I can buy everything else.

  2. Flashback to my childhood with Market Basket! I haven't seen one of those in soooo many years. I pretty much use Amazon, too. With my health, it became easier and easier to just shop online and have it delivered.

    Fun list!

    1. Thank you. Our Market Basket is only a few years old but we just LOVE it!


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