52 Lists week #41 & #42; When We Are Sick

Last week the list assignment was to use the week as a grace period to catch up on any missed lists.... I didn't have any so I didn't post anything!  

This week's list assignment: List things you do when you (and/or a family member) are sick was pretty easy.  It seems like we are creatures of habit and when someone gets sick and we automatically fall back into sick mode.

Like most families we had years where it seemed like SOMEONE was ALWAYS sick in the house.  We had hospitalizations, minor surgeries, and we became quit adept at dealing with illnesses.  And yet I am the first to admit it never seems to get easier.  

Of course what we do typically depends on what kind of illness we're dealing with but for the most part when someone gets sick here is how we handle it:

  • I tend to cancel all of our plans for a few days and in my mind go through our schedule for a few weeks to see what can be rearranged (just in case someone else catches it).
  • Bargain, pray, worry and stress-- OK so this is just me.  My husband is pretty good about taking illness in stride but I tend to worry and get little to no sleep.
  • If it's one of the kids we set up a sick bed (arrange our couch with extra pillows and blankets and set up a TV tray).  
  • Pull out the movies!  
  • Buy any over the counter medicines we think we might need, get some soda or juice, and prepare lots of chicken soup with saltine crackers.
  • Encourage the sick one to get LOTS of sleep and rest.
  • Clean.  I start cleaning the house like a mad woman in hopes of getting all the germs out and preventing it from spreading.  (Not that this has ever really worked but I continue to try each and every time).
  • If it's something with a fever we break out the Popsicles and cool washcloths.
  • When I'm feeling under the weather I like to drink tea but I'm the only one.  Hot tea with honey for sore throats.
  • Search the internet for home remedy ideas. 
  • Wait.  Mostly we just wait for the body to fight off whatever it's dealing with and for the other person to feel better.  
Now that we are not in public school and I don't have to worry about all the work that they are missing we have the luxury of waiting for the boys to fully recover before resuming activities.  We don't run to the doctors unless we need to and honestly we don't seem to get sick as often or for as long for whatever reason; but I am so grateful for that! 

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  1. Yes, clean like made -- that's me and I need to go back and add that on my list!!!

    We share a lot in common on this list. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love homeschooling for that reason too!! My kiddos are active in sports, though, and they hate to miss that - but I make them until they are better so they don't spread it around. So smart to be proactive about rescheduling - I usually cancel and/or hope for the best!

    (Visiting from Beauty Full Slow}

    1. There are always a few things we hate to cut from our schedule when we're sick (and for some reason my kids seem to get sick when we have hotel and/or ticket reservations!)... but I always remind them that we can't help when we get sick and it's our bodies way of reminding us to stop and take care of ourselves.


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