52 Lists week #39; The Things I Wish For

I forgot to look up this week's list assignment until last night so I didn't have much time to think about it.    When I saw: Share your wish list all I could think about was.... "my wish list?" I was totally stumped. 

While there are always thing I want I never have a list going and when asked by my family what I'd like for my birthday or Christmas I often start to think that the things I want aren't that important and begin crossing them off in my head.  After all; they're just things and ideas for people to buy me.  I try really hard not to be materialistic and want things.  I tend to focus more on family and experiences than things and so it's hard for me to think in terms of a wish list.  If I do give out gift ideas they are often practical things that I need and not necessarily things that I want.  

But as the night wore on I realized there are some things I wish for.... they just aren't things that can be bought!

For example more than anything I wish for more time in the day.  Don't we all?  I often feel like our life is more laid back because I don't work outside the home.  We don't sign up for all sorts of sports and activities and we're not always on the go.  And yet there never seems to be enough time to accomplish everything on my daily "to do" list. 

I also find myself wishing for a clone or a second set of hands.  I figure it I can't have more time in the day this would be the next best thing.  If I could have another me around cleaning the house or helping one child with their school work while I worked with another; that would be wonderful.  It would free me up to spend more quality time with my family. 

I often find myself wishing for more frequent family vacations.  Which I guess would boil down to more money or time.  I have so many ideas for fun family vacations planned and I can see our opportunities slipping away as my boys grow older each year.  So maybe a part of me really wants to freeze time... just a bit.  

More quality time! Or a way to visit those who have passed.  I try so hard to make the most of each moment I spend with my family; and I don't just mean my boys and my husband.  My grandmother is nearing the end of her life and I find myself wishing for just a bit more time with her before she passes.  There are many friends and family members we've lost along the way and I often think how wonderful it would be to visit them now and then.... just to sit and have a drink together.  

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  1. That last one is big for me, too. In 2014, I lost 3 grandparents and an uncle. I often find myself wishing for one more connection.

    1. Four losses in one year is a lot! When we went to my grandfather's funeral I was crying and my oldest asked me why. He pointed out that my grandfather was quite old, had lived a nice long life and had been deteriorating in health for quite some time. My simple reply was "Because I'll still miss him." We always miss those we love when they're gone.

  2. Those are lovely wishes, especially the last one. We live far away from family and I sure wish there wasn't such a distance separating us.

    1. We're pretty fortunate that most of our families live nearby but we do often wish for more time with those that live further away.

  3. I love your list. I think it echoes my sentiment toward gift receiving perfectly!

  4. I agree--I would much rather give someone a practical idea than a materialistic wishlist. Love your list!

  5. Truly a beautiful wish list! More time -- amen!


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