Z Is for Zoo; Our Favorite Zoo Series

I actually had two different book series I wanted to share that both have to do with zoos so I thought they'd be perfect for the letter z and a fun way to end this blogging through the alphabet challenge.

Zoe's  Rescue Zoo is a fun early chapter book series for any child that enjoys reading about animals.  My middle son loved that these books featured such adorable animals. Though the books are numbered we didn't find that this was a series that HAD to be read in order.  Zoe works at her Great Uncle's animal rescue zoo and helps him care for injured or endangered animals.  There are currently more than 10 books in the series and just look at some of the cute, cuddly little animals on the cover!

The Secret Zoo series is another great book series about a zoo.  In this series Noah, Meghan, Richie, and Ella live next door to the Clarksville City Zoo and Meghan begins noticing that the animals are acting funny.  When She goes missing Noah, Richie and Ella set out to find her and discover that there is so much more to the zoo than they ever imagined.  Part fantasy novel/ part mystery- adventure series; my middle son devoured these books and had to wait rather impatiently for the sixth and final book of the series to come out and wrap it all up. 

Book #1

Book #2 Secrets and Shadows-- In book the kids are back and training to become Crossers; people who can cross over from the Clarskville City Zoo to the Secret Zoo and they must help defend the secret zoo from evil forces.

Book #3 Riddles and Danger-- With Evil being leaking out of the zoo and into their hometown the children have to help defend their town and protect the zoo.  

Book #4 Traps and Specters-- On Halloween night when Noah and his friends walk right into a trap, three of his friends are captured.  Now the children must save every person and animal at the zoo; including themselves while evading the city's police.

Book #5 Raids and Rescues-- The children's friends have been taken hostage and are being held in an off- limits sector of the secret zoo.  Noah, Meghan, Richie, and Ella must travel through a never ending maze of aquariums to rescue them.

Book  #6 The Final Fight-- We were so relieved to finally see the last book in the series released last year; it wrapped up all the loose ends.  

Do you have any favorite animal or zoo series?  We're always looking for some great books to read.

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  1. The first series is new to me. Thanks for the introduction.

  2. Wow! That looks like a wonderful series for kids. And those first couple of books looked so adorable. Visiting today from A Fireman's Wife. Wishing you a fabulous weekend!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Those first books really are adorable.

  3. More books to consider for the grandchildren, thank you.


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