L is for Last Dragon Chronicles

I know I already wrote about a few of our favorite dragon series when I wrote the D is for Dragons post but both the Dragon Masters and the Dragonbreath series are geared more towards younger readers.

As my boys have aged and grown as readers we have continued reading lots of books about dragons.

My middle son loves the Last Dragon Chronicles.  With over seven books in the series all around 500 pages each they kept him busy for quite some time!  These are just perfect for advanced readers who enjoy that fantasy genre.

The Fire Within (book 1)

The Last Dragon Chronicles: The Fire Within: Book 1 by [D'Lacey, Chris]

Icefire (book 2) 


  1. what do you like about this series? What are the books about? how are the dragons in these books? Sometimes they are good and sometimes well... you know.. :)

    1. My middle son read them and I loved them because they kept him busy for a while. He usually reads through books so fast we're scrambling to find him another. He said that they aren't real dragons but more dragon figurines. They don't talk but show what they are thinking and feeling. They're good dragons and he loves that each clay dragon has their own special powers.

  2. This is a new series to me - I'm going to have my fantasy-loving teen read them and see if it's something her younger siblings will enjoy. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Thank you for linking up with us! My kids read part of this series when they were younger.


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