H is for Hero's Guide

I could not blog about books through the alphabet and not talk about the Hero's guide trilogy.  It was one of those family read alouds that my boys are still talking about years later.

We laughed so much during the reading of these books!  They are light-hearted and funny with many plot twists and unexpected turns.

In book 1; The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom we meet the Princes Charming.  Yes, I said Princes.  In this book we meet Prince Duncan, Prince Frederick, Prince Gustav, and Prince Liam; the four Princes Charming from Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Sleeping Beauty respectively.  We learned what really happens in each of their stories and how the singing bards got them all wrong.  When the princes learn of a plot that could endanger all of their kingdoms they band together to become the heroes that no one thought they could be.   

 In book 2: The Hero's Guide to Storming the Castle  the princes are enjoying their new found fame from saving their kingdoms when they realize that a very powerful magical object is about to fall into the wrong hands and it's all their fault!  This time they must band together to save their kingdoms even if it means they might not be looked at as heroes this time.

In book 3: The Hero's Guide to Being an Outlaw; The Princes Charming are accused of murdering Briar Rose (also known as Sleeping Beauty).  There are wanted posters everywhere and the princes are desperately trying to clear their names while finding and rescuing Briar Rose. 

Boy or girl I think most kids would enjoy these books.  All the princesses are in each of the books and these are no damsels in distress; often all of the princes and princesses are working together to stop the evil doers and unlikely friendships and alliances are made.  

I can not stress enough how funny these books are and how much my boys I enjoyed these fractured fairy tales.  


  1. I like this book! Thanks for sharing it :)I have a house full of voracious readers!

    1. Lucky you! I have one voracious reader and two reluctant readers. We read aloud a lot and I'm always looking for ways to hook them into reading.

  2. Oh, my girls would enjoy these books. I am heading over to our library's site (again!!) to see if they are in the catalog. - Lori

  3. Great resources! Thanks so much!

  4. These look really fun! I have to check them out on our next library trip! Thank you for linking up with us!

    1. They are lots of fun; I loved that the women were strong characters too and not damsels in distress like most fairy tales.


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