I is for Indian in the Cupboard

Joining in for another week of blogging through the alphabet we come to the letter I and, so of course, I found a fun book series that my boys just LOVED to share with you all.

I remembered fondly the story of the toy who came to life within the magic cupboard and one day suggested to the boys that we should read or listen to the Indian in the Cupboard and then watch the movie to compare the two.

I had no idea just how much my boys would fall in love with the story or that there were four more books in the series that we could enjoy listening to together.

The Return of the Indian in the Cupboard:


  1. this is a favorite series in our house!

    1. What child doesn't love the thought of their toys magically coming to life right?

  2. Yes in our house we love to read the book and then compare to the movie too.

    1. It's so much fun! Of course some movies do a much better job of sticking to the book than others and we might gripe and groan a little but that's the whole point I think.


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