J is for Jedi Academy

My boys are huge Star Wars fans and one of their favorite books series is the Jedi Academy books.

book 1

Written in a diary/ graphic novel format this series is a funny look at middle school in a galaxy far, far, away.  

When Roan does not get into pilot school, like he had hoped, he finds himself accepted to the Jedi Academy.  He learns what it means to be a Jedi and returns year after year to advance his education. 

book 2 

book 3
When Roan's time at the academy ended my boys thought this cute little trilogy of books was over but they were overjoyed when a new series began.

Victor is thrilled that he'll be starting at Jedi Academy soon but his older sister is horrified that her younger brother will now be around to drive her crazy at school. But Victor's enthusiasm often lands him in trouble and he find himself in detention quite often... so often that Master Yoda suggests he try joining the school's drama club.   


  1. Looks great for boys who enjoy Star Wars. Fun! - Lori

  2. I have a young Star Wars lover in the house. I will have to see if my library has these books so that I can get him into something fun to read! Thank you so much for joining us this week!

    1. You're welcome! I hope your library does have them and that he enjoys them. One of these days I need to write a Star Wars themed post; we have so many books and games that we just love that are all Star Wars themed.

  3. I'm loving your book lists through the alphabet! My kids are Star WArs fans too. They'll be happy to check these out.


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