P is for Puppies

What child doesn't enjoy reading a book about cute, cuddly little puppies?  My boys have enjoyed quite a lot of books about animals and some of their favorite puppy books are part of a few wonderful series.

My youngest son in particular enjoyed the early reading book series Puppy Mudge. I think we read just about every book we could find about Henry and Mudge and we even went to see a live action play based on the books! 

Some of our very favorites include:

Another early chapter book series we have found through the years is the Puppy Place books.  There are well over 40 books in this series and while we've only read a couple of them they are quite sweet.  

Each book in the series is about one particular dog and the story of how he finds his family.  

Goldie, is the first book and is about a brother and sister who desperately want a dog.  Their mom is more of a cat person and doesn't think the family is ready for a dog and all the work owning a dog entails.  Then one night the children's father rescues a golden retriever puppy from a fire while he's working as a volunteer firefighter.  The story is told from the perspective of the children and the dog and I'm pretty sure just about anyone would enjoy these heart warming stories. 


  1. My children have been obsessed with getting all the Pug related books from our library. They haven't even met a Pug in real life (yet, their aunt & uncle have one). For older kids, check out Pug Pals - we are reading it together right now and really like it.

    1. My grandmother used to have a pug "jojo" and for years after he passed away she had pug statues and stuffed animals all around her house. We'll have to check that out!


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