M is for Magic Tree House Books

I could not blog through the alphabet talking about our favorite book series and authors without mentioning the Magic Tree House books. 

These simple chapter books were a huge staple of our homeschooling journey for our first year or two of homeschooling.  We found it was a perfect series for us that captured the attention of all three of my kids aged 5- 9 (at the time).  We read every book in the series until we were all caught up with the ones that were being released which was well over #50!

We often listened to the book on CD when we were in the car and you would not believe how quiet it was! The only time my boys would speak when one of these books was on was to make a prediction or chant along with the story.

They were enamored and I loved how these stories often started us off on learning more about topics like dogsledding, dolphins, Ancient Greece, or even China.

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I know not everyone loves these stories but my boys really related to the young children; Jack and Annie and learned a lot with their historical adventures.  The premise is that Jack and Annie (a young brother and sister team) discover a magical tree house in their woods that works off the magic of Merlin and can send them back anywhere that they can find in a book simply by pointing to a picture and wishing to go there.

Even the most magical missions that were strictly for Merlin often led to wonderful science and history discussions!  When my boys listened to Eve of the Emperor Penguin they wanted to learn more about penguins.

We also read a the super edition written for older children too when we read Danger in the Darkest Hour. It was the perfect companion to our World War II study and I found myself looking for more of these.

Have you read any of these books; did you enjoy them too?

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  1. Our son LOVED these books. It was a great way to do Unit Studies, as they had references to geography, history and science woven into the stories.
    So glad your boys enjoyed them too!

    1. They really are fantastic for unit studies aren't they?

  2. My kids haven't gotten into this series although I think my younger son would like it!

    1. We started listening to the Audiobooks first and then picked up a few to read on our own.

  3. My older two loved this series when they were younger and we have used their Fact Tracker guides a lot. We still use those often. My youngest has never really enjoyed these on her own, so they are sort of falling out of favor in this house. A wonderful series, though. - Lori

    1. I wish I thought to use the Fact Tracker guides a lot more; we have used them a few times and they are really great. My boys have outgrown this series too and I'm kind of bummed.

  4. Thanks so much for linking up your post with us at What to Read Wednesday. It’s always fun to get new ideas! I hope we will see more from you next time. :)


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