O is for One Small Square

Most of the book series and authors I have shared through the alphabet have been fiction but my boys do enjoy reading non- fiction as well.  In particular they enjoy books about all sorts of science concepts.

There are many science series that we have read and one of my boys' favorites are the One Small Square books.  They are filled with bright illustrations and lots of facts.

There are so many areas to choose from too!

My boys really enjoy reading about the ocean, the shore, and the rainforest:

We have read just about every book in the series and enjoyed them all. 

Do you have a favorite non- fiction series or author?

Others in this series:


  1. We used several of these books. I loved them!

  2. We love these! We used the pond one extensively in our one year pond study!

    1. I think we need to do a pond study this year. We often study the lake but we do have a pond just across the yard and that's a WHOLE different world.

  3. We love these books! Full of so much information.

  4. Love these...a nice approach by using nonfiction and places.

  5. These are a neat non-fiction series. I also really like Gail Gibbons books. - Lori

    1. Oh yes, Gail Gibbons is another great non- fiction author.


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