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10 Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Middle School Students

There's just something about Thanksgiving that brings out my creative side.  

I love Thanksgiving and over the years we've tried out several different crafts.  Most of them focus on what we're thankful for as I like my kids to stop and think about just how lucky they are, the wonderful opportunities they have, the warm house, toys, and belongings we tend to take for granted.  
Many of the crafts I find are not necessarily something my kids would enjoy doing though.  My boys think that many of the crafts I find and offer to do with them are for babies and young kids; they'd prefer something more "grown" up looking than hand print turkeys or paper headbands. 

 So I went on a search through my blog and through the internet looking for crafts that meet the approval of my middle schooler.  Here are some Thanksgiving craft ideas for older kids:

  •  Indian Corn Wreath- I found this cute wreath idea at 1pureheart and thought it was both festive and cute but not babyish.  I figured the boys would enjoy making it this year.  
  • Pumpkin Pie Plates-  using two different plates, some scissors, paint, markers and a brad we made this adorable thankful pie a few years ago.  It was easy and fun and something my older boys could do on their own. 

  • How about a Mason Jar Candle Holder?  These make a great centerpiece for our table and are so easy to do.  Using a mason jar, some Modge Podge, decorative leaf napkins, and a sponge brush it was easily something my boys could handle. 
  • Another favorite craft of ours was our Thankful Tree.  I made a giant tree out of brown construction paper and cut out leaves of various shapes and colors and then each day throughout November the boys picked a leaf and wrote something they were thankful for on it.  However, now that the boys are older I figured they'd prefer a craft that was more age appropriate so we're going to collect twigs from around the yard and the woods and cut leaves out of patterned paper.  They'll each write a few things we're thankful for and we'll have a thankful tree; just not one made out of construction paper.  (Check out this completed version at The Happy Housewife).  
our tree from a few years ago
There is so much to be thankful for, and there is something about writing it down and looking at it every day that makes it that much more real. Not to mention the cuteness it brings to the room!
  • Since Native American crafts go hand in hand with Thanksgiving and my kids are too old to make "Indian" headbands, I thought they might enjoy this Beaded Dream Catcher craft instead.  I found the idea and the instructions on Create Art With Me! blog. 
  • Making Hanging Paper Pumpkins sounds both fun and easy enough for my boys to do on their own.  I found the tutorial over at Meaningful Mama.  Plus it's a great way to get the boys to practice their math and measurement skills so it's a win/ win.  
pumkin fall craft 
  • While a bit more "babyish" than the other crafts it was a lot of fun making our Toiler Paper Roll and Paper Plate Turkey.  We painted the plate brown, painted the toilet paper tube red, and glued them together.  We then glued on thankful feathers, googlie eyes, a red balloon, and some paper beak and feet.  Easy and fun and I'm hopeful one of them will want to make another one this year. 

  • I  have found that kids of all ages love crafts that they can eat.  I thought my boys would enjoy making  Edible Cornucopias this year.  There were so many different versions to choose from but I thought my boys would like these found on Made From Pinterest
  • This Fall Leaf Mobile by So Says Sarah is a wonderful fall decoration that I think my boys will enjoy making. With a few beads, some string, silk leaves and a mason jar lid it is simple and yet pretty craft that even older kids would enjoy making. 
  • Paintings-- My boys love to paint and there are so many wonderful fall and Thanksgiving ideas for paintings available that it was hard to choose just a few that they might enjoy.  We particularly enjoyed these tissue paper and watercolor leaves paintings.


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