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Post number 7:  (originally posted on January 5th)

50 Things to do this winter.

  In looking back over my blog I realized that I often make lists about place to go and things to do for the spring and summer but I've never done that for the winter.  I'm not a huge fan of winter.  Living in New England I'm certainly used to winter but looking outside on cold/ wet/ rainy days I tend to want to just stay inside.  I envy animals that get to hibernate.  That said staying indoors gets OLD after a while and I'm always looking for things to do with the boys to get us out of our rut.  I thought I'd challenge myself to list 50 things we could do/ places to go this winter.  Maybe that will motivate to get out and get going.  I hope so because I'm pretty excited about all these ideas.  Now we just need some snow-- not slush, not freezing rain, but snow.  If it's going to be cold out, I at least like it to look pretty and inviting and something about a pile of white fluffy stuff makes us all want to don our winter gear and get moving.  In the meantime we'll start on some of the field trip/ indoor ideas.

1.  Visit Zoinks Fun Factory
2.  Visit Launch trampoline park
3.  Visit Ecotarium
4.  Visit Roger William's Zoo (on a nice day)
5.  Go Sledding in a new location
Our tiny snowman
6.  Have a scavenger hunt in the snow--here,here, or here
7.  Visit Soar Indoors- indoor obstacle course
8.  Check out the Trash Museum in Hartford
9.  Visit Mystic Aquarium
10.  Visit Providence Children's Museum
11.  Visit the Ct Science Center
12.  Try out the Tri State Speedway-- roller skating, arcade, mini golf
13. Hiking-- I think I hate it but I actually have fond memories of hiking with the boys in the snowy weather with all our gear on.
14.  Go back to the New England Air Museum
15.  Visit the Worcester Art Museum
16. Go to the Movies
17.  Go bowling
18. Check out the Museum of Work and Culturein Woonsocket RI
19.  Stop at Hebert Candy Mansion-- call to find when they are making candy
20.  Check out the Natural History Museum and Planetarium at Roger Williams park
21. See the  Dr. Seuss Museum and sculpture garden Springfield, Mass.
22.  Discover the Discovery Museums in Acton Mass
23.  Build a Snowman, Snow fort, or snow angel
24.  Have a snowball fight
24.  Paint the snow
25.  Go Ice finishing
26.  Visit a maple sugar house
27.  Make our own Duct tape sleds and try them out
28.  Enjoy the sunrise with hot cocoa, and cinnamon buns outside (we loved this last time!).
29.  Bury glow sticks for a winter snow rainbow
30.  Make frozen ice/ sun catchers-- here or here
31. Make Snow ice cream-- so many recipes to chose from on Pinterest!
32.  Go "Ice Skating" inside with wax paper feet
33.  Make tin can luminaries
34. Decorate a tree with food for the animals
35.  Go back to Central Rock Gym for a day of indoor rock climbing
36.  Take A Virtual Field trip-- Google virtual field trips or look up on Pinterest
37.  Visit the Mark Twain House (after reading his Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer)
38.  Visit The Dinosaur Place
39.  Make a Snowstorm in a Jar
40.  Make Snow Pearls
41.  Find an indoor pool and go swimming
42.  Paint Pottery
43. Visit Johnston and Whales culinary arts museum
(it's supposed to be great with lots of hands on fun for kids--read a review about it here)
44. Visit the Nautilus
45.  Make a snow globe
46.  Make a snow volcano
47.  Make sock snow men
48.  Have an indoor snowball fight using balled up socks
49.  Blow frozen bubbles again
50.  Make snowmen pancakes, have a hot cocoa bar, and watch a movie by the fire.

Bundled up at the zoo

Painting in the Snow 


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