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A Typical Day

     I'm not so sure there is a "typical" day when homeschooling.  All our days look pretty different.  Some days we have karate.  Some days we have field trips.  Some days we sit home and actually get some schoolwork done.  I think when new homeschoolers are asking about our schedule they are most interested in what we do on the days when we stay home.  While we have no hard and set times for school there is a certain to pattern to our day that we just seem to fall into.  To give those new homeschoolers (and those worried about their schedule) an idea here's is what a "typical" day looks like for us with a 6th grader, a 4th grader, and a 2nd grader:

6:30-7:30 AM -- Mom wakes up and a few of the boys may be up too.  Boys go to watch TV, play video games, or occupy themselves while mom works out, gets dressed and catches up on e-mail/ Facebook.

8:30 AM--- Yeah, somehow we always seem to loose an hour in there... I have no idea where that goes! But by 8:30 I call anyone over to the table that has not yet eaten breakfast.  They may have already eaten but this is sort of a "last call" before school starts.

9:00-- 9:30 AM-- Breakfast is over and I send the boys up to brush teeth, get dressed, and make beds if they have not yet done that.  Often the younger boys will just change into clean pajamas but that's OK too. If it's a day that the house needs cleaning (we deep clean every other week) we'll dedicate 15-20 minutes cleaning together.

9:30-11:30 AM-- We sit and do our schoolwork.  As soon as the boys are ready for the day their work is already waiting for them.  I typically pile up their books either at night when they head to bed or first thing in the morning when I get up.  They each get a book to read (or a chapter book to read another chapter in), two math workbook pages, worksheets, or game to play, and a language arts assignment.  Some days language arts is a  Draw Write Now page, other days it's penmanship or cursive, some days it's spelling work or a sight word game for Evan.  They each tackle their pile as they want to and I'm around for help as needed.  Usually the only one asking for help anymore is Evan.  (This is not a non- stop two hours of work; they often take breaks or play while waiting for my help if I'm with one of their brothers)... If I'm honest and it's a good day where they know what they're doing they can each finish their schoolwork in under 30 min.

11:30-1:30-- We'll gather together and I'll read aloud the books we're all covering together.  It's almost always a fun chapter book chapter or two and then a few picture book stories either on a history topic, geography, or, lately, Christmas.  Somewhere in this time frame we all eat lunch too.  We may skip our picture book reading to play a fun science, history or geography game too or perhaps watch a movie that goes along with something we're learning about.

1:30- 3:30 PM-- This is almost always free time for the boys to play.  Often they find time between all their morning work to play here and there too but usually they know they won't have to stop what they are doing once their schoolwork is done and they can really tackle a project.  Sometimes we use these hours to run errands, go to the library, or do a fun art project together if they're willing.  Sometimes we'll meet up with friends at the park or to play together somewhere.

3:30- 5:00 PM-- Our school day officially ends and they can have their TV and video games back for the day if they have not yet already talked me into giving it to them.  This is the time I sit down and blog, check Facebook, check e-mails and get supper ready.  If it's someone's night to cook dinner they're in the kitchen with me helping to prepare the meal.  Usually one or two of the boys is around clearing out the dishwasher or setting the table too; though jobs are sometimes allowed to be overlooked if they're playing outside.

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  1. Wow, this is an awesome little schedule. And since today's school seemed to drag on forever, I am a little jealous!!! LOL. Thanks for the post!

    Hopping over from #OMHGWW!



    1. Oh there sure are days when our schooling seems to drag on and on. I do have to say it seems to be getting easier as my boys are getting older and work more independently.


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