Winter Bucket List-- How We Did

We did pretty awful on checking items off our bucket list this winter but since so many of the things were out of our control I'm just letting it go.  Sometimes in life it just is what it is.

1.  Try out our new snowshoes! Nope... but since we never had enough snow this is not my fault.  Maybe we'll finally get to try them out next winter. 

2.  Go to the movies-- Check!  We went to see Jumanji; The Next Level as a whole family and it was such a fun movie.  

3.  Make up a few new recipes from the Harry Potter cookbook-- Check!  We made the hot cocoa, the jam tarts, and custard cremes. 

4.  Host at least two get togethers with our friends--  1/2 a Check!  We had one party for Alec's birthday.  

5.  Have a mini movie marathon one afternoon complete with themed snacks-- Sort of a check..   We re-watched  the Harry Potter movies but they are so long that we didn't want to watch more than one in an afternoon and while we didn't have our Harry Potter themed snacks with the movies we did eat the Harry Potter snacks so I'm counting it. 

6.  Put together another family puzzle-- Check! We actually put together a few of them! My favorite was our Disney emoji puzzle.

7.  Read a book together-- Check! We started re-reading through the Harry Potter series.

8.  Go sledding-- Nope; but again it wasn't my fault!  Hard to go sledding without snow. 

9. Have a family board game night-- Nope.  But my sister in law and I have been talking about it so hopefully this will happen one day... 

10.  Attend an art/ craft class-- Nope! Sadly the homeschooling art classes we started attending last year fizzled out and I haven't found another place that offers any kind of classes during the day where we could just drop in once or twice like that. 

11.  Go to Florida for our family vacation!-- A big NO!  We had to postpone our trip when 2 of our family members came down with the flu.

12.  Try a few new soup/casserole recipes to keep us warm-- Check!  We made pumpkin chili and a really delicious sausage/ tortellini soup.  

It was definitley not the best season for tackling our bucket list.  We did our best, we had fun, and we made some new family memories along the way which is really my only goal when making these lists anyway. 

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  1. everything looks great! gotta check that harry potter cookbook!
    Hope you stay healthy and safe
    style frontier

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah I was pleasantly surprised by how much we got done; I can't help it if we had no snow!

  3. What a great list. You did so well with it.
    Those jam tarts look so tasty.
    It looks like you had a fab time x

    1. They were so good and I don't even like jam!

  4. Good thing you got the movies and the get-together in before social distancing began! Loved all the yummy food photos. You made me hungry! :)

    1. Definitely! I am so thankful for all the trips we take all other times of the year and for technology that still allows my boys to talk/play with their friends everyday.

  5. I knew there was going to be a good reason for me to pick up an extra package of tortellini at the store this week. Ta-da!! Your soup!

    A lot of your winter bucket list activities couldn't happen due to matters that were out of your hands. Like the vacation to Disney. And like you said, it is hard to sled without snow. So overall, I think you did pretty well.

    I remember seeing all of the yummy HP-themed snacks in earlier posts. YUM YUM YUM. Fun that you reread the books and had movie nights to watch the movies. PC loves LOTR and those movies are so long, too. We need intermission these days for bathroom breaks and to refill our snacks. Thank goodness for the pause button.

    1. My husband and younger son enjoy LOTR series and they are loong movies for sure. I much prefer watching most any movie at home so I can pause as needed and don't have to worry about missing a good part. I hope you like the soup! We sure did.

  6. I think you did just fine! Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ's.


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