Niagara Falls State Park at Night

We wrapped up our last night in Niagara Falls with one last stop at the state park.  I really wanted to explore Goat Island, Luna Island and Three Sister's Islands.  

We arrived in the early evening so that we could explore while it was still light out but also so that we could watch the falls all lit up one more time.  

There were some pretty amazing signs and facts posted on the signs around the park. 

There are also lots of little waterfalls and rapids everywhere we looked.

Overlooking bridal veil falls.

Overlooking the American falls. 

Alec was enthralled with these black squirrels we kept seeing everywhere.

My boys and I had read about a few of the tightrope walkers that performed over the falls so we were happy to see this plaque; can you believe the size of the "rope" they walked on?!?

We walked around to Three Sister's Island and read about the three sisters that the islands are named after.

As it started getting darker we walked back to the tip of Goat Island and got as close to Horseshoe falls as we could without getting soaked from the mist.  The lights were turning on and the falls were bright blue again.

We were sad to see our vacation end but at the same time we were happy to be heading home to our own beds and routine.
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