Getting Soaked In Niagara Falls

We decided to tackle the Maid of the Mist and the Cave of the Winds tours in the same day so we could enjoy all the wetness at once.

We picked a beautiful, warm, sunny day and got to the park bright and early in the morning.  Since it was the off season we could walk right up to the boat with our Discovery passes.  They handed us our ponchos and we were first in line for the next boat.

My husband insisted we all ride in the very front of the boat on the top deck so we had no way to shield ourselves from the water or the wind.

Horseshoe falls in the distance

The American falls on our left.

The observation platform we went onto as soon as we were done our ride

The American and Bridal Veil falls 

As we approached Horseshoe falls the wind and "rain" really picked up.  

The mist and sun combined to form this beautiful rainbow shining over the Canadian side of the falls. 

It was not easy to communicate with one another over the roar of the water

At this point it was starting to feel like a heavy rainstorm under the falls and I tucked the camera under my poncho to protect it.

The wind really picked up and made our ponchos feel more like windsocks! 

We climbed off the boat and went to the deck of the observation tower.

From there we walked back to the main pavilion in the park and watched the Niagara Legends of Adventure movie.  We did a bit of window shopping and then headed back out into and  through Niagara falls state park over to Goat Island where we could partake in the Cave of the Winds Tour.

Along the way we stopped for some Dippin Dots; in Alec's mind it just is not a vacation until he has had some Dippin Dots.

We got our tickets, watched a short movie on the history of the area and then we got outfitted with some stylish new sandals!

We went down in the elevator and picked up our ponchos.

The falls are just deafening and there was no way to keep everything dry; even with ponchos on!

Look how tiny they are at the base of the falls!

Alec noticed this fun face nailed into the bottom stair; it put a smile on his face

Every now and then this mini fall would toss water onto the deck up the boys' ankles... it was COLD!

Evan, Alec and my husband walked up onto the Hurricane Deck... Evan kept moonwalking right back into the back corner that is supposed to have winds equal to a hurricane!  The water pours right onto your head!!  He loved it.  I tried to stay far enough away to take photos without getting my camera wet.

I really did not succeed!  Eventually I gave up and gave my camera to Ian to hold.  Then my husband got me up on the Hurricane deck and pulled me under the hurricane with him.. there is no way I could have walked over there on my own with the wind pushing me away.  I have no idea how Evan did it.

But Evan just LOVED it under the waterfall and we could not get him off for the longest time.

Even with his own heavy duty poncho he was SOAKED head to toe by the time we were ready to head back up.

And these guys were wearing ponchos!

We picked up the trolley in the park and road it back around to the main entrance.  

It was a fun day and an experience like no other.

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