Spending a day in Niagara Falls Canada

We had lunch reservations at the Skylon tower on Wednesday and could not wait to spend a day on the Canadian side of the falls.  We knew what to expect from walking over the night before and seeing the falls all lit  up at night.  Once again we elected to walk over and it was a beautiful, sunny day.

 We found the tower right away and headed up for our lunch reservations... sadly I messed up and we discovered we were not eating in the revolving restaurant like we wanted but we did have AMAZING views outside the windows while we ate our buffet lunch.

After lunch we went up to the observation deck and walked all the way around.  It was such a clear day that we could see for miles all the way around!

We decided to walk down near the falls; we were trying to find a museum on the Canadian side that I wanted to tour when Alec began begging to zip line over the falls.  He got Evan and my husband interested and so we gave up on the museum and headed to the zip line stand to see what it was all about.

Ian, my mother in law, and myself just hung around by the side of the falls waiting for them to have their turn... it was a very long hour and half wait by the time they got to go down.

All geared up!
All geared up

Look at that smile!
Alec went first 
Evan and Ben were up just a few turns later.

Just so you can get an idea of about high above they begin...

See them hanging in the air up there?

Evan just about blends into the background in this photo!  It wasn't easy to get pictures as they just fly right on by!

It was late afternoon by the time they finished zip lining and everyone was hot and hungry for some ice cream.

 We walked around a bit longer and then decided to head back to the american side of the falls and relax in the air conditioned house.

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  1. I loved seeing your kids zip lining over the falls. I remember going to Niagara Falls as a child. It was a beautiful place.

  2. I was there recently - It's one of my favorite spots to go...Have you gone to Niagara on the Lake? You have some brave guys to zip line!!

    1. Sadly we did not see much of anything on the Canadian side as we only walked over the rainbow bridge and did some sight seeing right around there. I am not a fan of heights myself so I did not join them and was plenty content to take photos... I think they're a bit nuts but brave works too. LOL.


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