75 MORE things to do in the Spring and Summer

Every year I get so excited about the first day of spring.  I don't know why; this year it snowed for the first two days so it certainly doesn't guarantee winter is over.  I think it's the hope of having nice, warm, weather that just gets me excited.  I know that the end of winter must be near.  It just has to end soon!

I look forward to days of sunshine, fresh air, picnics, and park days.

I enjoy thinking about all the fun stuff we can do once it's warmed up and we don't have to wade through a foot or two of snow.  It's been almost 2 years since I wrote the post 50 Things to do This Spring and Summer.  Some of the places have closed, others my boys have outgrown, and some are just getting boring for us so I decided it was time to try and brainstorm another list.

After the LOOONNNGGG cold winter we've had I just want to sit outside in the sun and soak up the warmth, vitamin D and relish the feeling of not freezing.  We've got some major spring fever going on here and I'm ready to encourage the boys to ditch the books and just enjoy being outside.

Here are some places we'd like to visit and some things we'd like to do whenever the weather is finally nice enough:

1. visit  Plymouth Plantation
2.  See the ships at Mystic Seaport
3. Go back to Overlook Farm
4. Try our hand at zip lining at Storrs Adventure Park
5.  Visit the Boxcar Children Museum
6.  See the ships at Battleship Cove in Fall River Mass
7.  Observe the butterflies at The Butterfly Place in Westford Mass
8. Explore the Children's Museum at Holyoke
9.  Make a tube/ raft out of bubble wrap and duct tape
10. Return to Southwick' s Zoo

11.  Check out the Eric Carle Museum
12.  Go to the beach a few times
13. Take our paints and paper to the park & paint what we see
14.  Picnic with our books under a tree

15.  go to the farmer's market & try a new recipe using fresh foods
16.  go for a bike ride
17.  Fly our kites at the beach-- going late in the afternoon/ evening
18.  Make a bird feeder
19.  Play kickball
20.  Go mini-golfing
21. Visit UConn Barns and creamery for some fresh ice cream
22.  Play paint Twister on the lawn
23.  Race homemade boats down the creek/river
24.  Make an Ice Volcano 
25.  Pick Strawberries
26. Go geocaching or letterboxing

27.  Eat breakfast outside on the patio
28.  Grow and release ladybugs
29.  Make a layered drink or drink sprite with colored ice cubes
30.  Use watercolor crayons to make tattoos on each other
31.  Go see a movie at the drive in
32.  Make a chandelier 
33.  Make Kool Aid milkshakes
34.  Make a non tied dyed shirt
35.  Hold a "Minute to Win" it day-- Look up Minute to Win it on Pinterest and try a bunch of the ideas out for silly fun
36.  Have kids take pictures, write one sentence about each picture and then publish the book on Shutterfly
37.  Make our own garden balls
38.  Make Fairies in a Jar one night
39.  Try some new sidewalk chalk games 
40.  Teach the boys to play MASH
41.  Make Cootie Catchers
42.  Make rainbow jello jigglers 
43.  Have a shaving cream balloon fight
44. Fill water guns with liquid watercolors and paint a picture outside on the lawn
45.  Host an egg drop off the balcony
46.  Make waffle brownie sundaes
47.  Make our own snow cones with our own snow cone syrups
48.  Roast s'mores over the campfire (with an assortment of chocolates)
49.  Water balloon games; math splash, sight word target practice, etc.
50.  Make mud paint and paint a picture
51.  Check out some new nature centers or Audubon centers
52.  Feed the ducks
53.  Hike at Purgatory Chasm
54.  Find some new playgrounds to try out

55. Vernal pool or Frog walk to find spawning grounds
56.  Go swimming
57.  Take a day to go kayaking
58.  Have a silly string fight
59.  Go fishing
60.  Canobie Lake Park or try a new Amusement park out.
61.  Roger William's Zoo
62.  Duck Boat tour of Boston
63.  Make an obstacle course
64.  Gather together on the hammock and read
65.  Take a Ferry Ride
66.  Walk the Cliff Walk in Newport and look at the mansions
67.  Walk the Freedom Trail in Boston
68.  Visit Fort Wetherill

69.  Visit Buttonwood Park Zoo
70.  Tour the Worcester Art Museum
71.  See the animals at Stone Zoo or Capron Park Zoo
72.  Check out Belkin Lookout Farm 
73.  Make a water balloon launcher or play water balloon baseball
74.  Paint pet rocks or glow in the dark rocks for the garden
75.  Take a tour of the Nautilus 

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  1. There was a traveling Eric Carle exhibit that passed through our children's museum and it was pretty spectacular...a whole museum? I would love to visit!

    1. I love Eric Carle's artwork and I have heard wonderful things about his museum; there's supposed to be a place for kids to paint and create too! I just wish we had made it there when my kids were younger. As much as I know I'd love it I'm just not sure they would. But I figure it's worth a try!

  2. I'm jealous. Summer just got over in our part of the world! We just fished out our warm socks & jackets today !! I already miss our days of sunshine, fresh air, picnics, and park days :(

    You've really given your list a proper thought!! Each of the 75 are excellent things to do. (We just bummed on the beach/water parks/parks!)

    (There's an Eric Carle Museum?)

    1. I am so anxious because while it was only 40 here today it is supposed to be 70 by mid week and I CAN NOT wait to pull out my flip flops! And yes, there is an Eric Carle Museum; it's a good 2 hour drive or so from our house but I'm betting it will be worth it. His art work is wonderful.

  3. I'm so jealous. 1 I wish I was brave enough to homeschool and 2. I wish I lived where you do. It sounds lovely. What a great list of things to do. I hope you manage all of them #FamilyFunLinky

    1. Thank you, that's so sweet. It took me a good year to work up the courage to homeschool and even then I spent another whole year wondering if I could really do it!

  4. Lots of good ideas. Thank you for sharing this post at the #WednesdayAIMLinkParty. I shared it on social media.

  5. Wow so much inspiration to take from this post thank you! You do have lots of things near you to do, that must be great. What is letterboxing?? I'd love to know. Thanks for sharing at #familyfun

    1. Letterboxing is a lot like geocaching; you are given coordinates or clue to follow to a box hidden in a public park but inside the box is a rubber stamp, an ink pad, and a mini book. Each person letterboxing carries in their own pad and can ink an impression of the stamp they've found. We also tend to carry a stamp and ink pad with us and stamp our image into the book we've found. It's a lot of fun and for my boys more rewarding than geocaching since they actually get to walk away with something new.

  6. Such a great post full of fun ideas! It sounds so nice where you live. I wish we could actually be outside for our summer! Soon we will start our over 4 months of 100 degree weather. Ugg. Thanks for linking up at the Friday at the Fire Station link-up!

    1. I guess that balances out the last four months we've been stuck inside with freezing temps, snow, ice, etc. We're still only getting outside once or twice a week even with winter coats... I can not wait to spring weather! :) That's why I always have such a loong bucket list of things to do.

  7. These ideas sound great, I'll be trying a few with my kids.


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