50 things to do this spring and summer

While my boys have been playing I've been looking at our calendar and looking forward to some spring and summer fun.

I've bought groupons for discounted tickets to a local science museum for us to use at some point, I've bought passes to Quassy's homeschool day (we went last year and it was amazing!-- we weren't even "official" homeschoolers then as I pulled the boys out of school to go), I've looked in on our free passes to 6 flags for their read to succeed program we participated in this year, and I added the family pass to the kids bowl free program.

I am planning trips to zoos and museums that we already have passes to as well as looking into new places to visit.

There's always a ton of places I want to take the boys to but often, in the spur of the moment, I can't think of any or hesitate to spend the money not knowing if they'll enjoy it or not.  I try to make up a master list each season of ideas and hope that we get around to most of them.  I always try to plan indoor and outdoor activities and some that are free, nearly free, and then some that aren't anywhere near free.

 So far our spring/ summer list looks like this (and since it's so long I'm thinking it will go well through the fall too!):

  1.  Southwick's zoo
  2.  Roger William's zoo
  3.  Ecotarium
  4.  Mystic Aquarium
  5.  Quassy Amusement park
  6.  6 flags amusement park
  7.  Bowling 
  8.  Ct Science Center/ Museum
  9.  Providence Children's museum
 10.  Davis' Farmland
 11.  Mystic seaport
 12.  Marble Painting
 13.  Paint like Jackson Pollock on the lawn--
        Large picture or perhaps a t- shirt
 14.  Try out Lowe's or Home Depot's free building classes for kids
 15.  Bakerwoods farm-- try the I spy trail
 16. Go hiking
 17.  Go to the beach (I'm not sure if this will happen though; Alec and Evan HATE the beach!)
 18.  Water balloon painting on canvas
 19.  Monster golf
 20.  backyard camp out (with air mattress this time!)
 21.  build a fort
 22.  Zoinks! Fun Factory
 23.  Kayaking
 24.  Pequot Museum
 25.  Swimming
 26.  Fly Kites
 27.  Dancing Goop
 28.  Library
 29.  Go on a picnic
 30.  Magic Milk
 31.  Higgins Armory Museum Closed Down
 32.  New England air museum
 33.  Fishing
 34.  Blow bubbles
 35.  Make Ice cream
 36.  Bookworm Wednesday movies
 37.  Make sidewalk chalk
 38.  feed ducks
 39.  sprinklers/ slip and slide-- with shaving cream again
        or perhaps finger paint
 40.   Sunflowers for Wishes at Buttonwood Farm
 41.  Lutz Children's museum
 42.  Creamery Brook Bison farm
 43.  Make S'mores-- using peanut butter cups, Rolos, and various chocolate varieties
 44.  Make cloud dough-- mix 1 cup baby oil
        with 8 cups of flour
 45.  Visit Nautilus
 46.  Visit Uconn Barns & stop at the dairy bar
        for fresh ice cream
 47.  Visit Overlook Farm
 48.  Make brownie (or cake mix) waffles and ice
         cream sandwiches
 49.  Owen Bell park, Roseland Park, Treasure
         Island park and other parks we find
 50.  Road trip ideas-- perhaps to Boston to see the Children's museum, science museum and Aquarium or to VT for Ben and Jerry's factory tour and other local area attractions. 

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And, as always, please feel free to leave comments and suggestions.  We're constantly looking for new, fun (and/ or educational) things to do together. 

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  1. Hate to say this, but Higgins armory is closed and Treasure land playground is under rennovations.

    We loved the USS Consitution (free!) and Battleship Cove ($$$). This summer we want to hit up the New Bedford Whaling museum and the mansions at Newport, RI. We also go to Maine each summer and always hike the Rachel Carson nature preserve which teaches all about the importance of marshland.

    I'll definitely your other links for summer adventures.

  2. Treasure land always goes through periodic rennovations and will be opening back up very soon. Higgins Armory is open until Dec of this year when they will close their doors for good and turn over the artifacts to the Worcster Art Museum.

    We'll have to add battleship cove and the USS constitution to our list; I've never been to either place. Ben and I have been through all/ most of the Newport Mansions and have decided to save that for when the boys are older. Thanks for suggestions and I'm glad you like our list!

  3. I can't believe I forgot to add West End Creamery to our list; I'm dying to try out the bounce pillow, mini golf and fresh ice cream!

  4. Sounds like you have some fun things to do in your area. We live about 2 hours from Los Angeles which is convenient for zoos and museums, but in our area there is hardly anything fun for kids. Thanks for joining the Family Joy link party. :)

    1. We live about an hour from three major cities; there's not much real close to us but an hour in any direction and we can usually find loads to do.

  5. Great list! I don't make an actual list, but it seems that homeschooling/learning permeates most things we do... including fun! :)

    1. Very true! I try to make a list each year of places to visit and things to do so when we have free time I'm not wasting it trying to think up/look up things to do.

  6. Wow what a list. Sounds like you have some fun times ahead of you. #familyfun

  7. Wow what a list. Sounds like you have some fun times ahead of you. #familyfun

  8. Our list would look really different from yours out in Wyoming more rock hunting, hiking, and dinosaur museums but keeping busy doing fun and wholesome things is awesome no matter what is local!

    1. I bet that's true! Certainly no day trips to the beach. ;)

  9. you have inspired me to start a spring summer bucket list with my own kids!


  10. Thank you for attending the #WednesdayAIMLinkParty. I shared your post on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter.

  11. Gosh wow very extensive list. Obviously not all are places I can go but there is certainly lots to take inspiration from. Thank you for sharing at #familyfun x


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