How I Did on my Fall Bucket List

I'll be posting my winter bucket list tomorrow in honor of the first day of winter.  But first, a look back at how I did with my fall bucket list. Honestly I think I did pretty awful... but I'm not really upset. I think a lot of it was out of my hands and since we had a very nice fall I'm not going to sweat it. 

1. Start hiking with our hiking group each week and find a few "new" places for Evan and I to hike too-- Check! 

2. My mom, Evan, and I are taking a trip down to see my sisters! 

3. Mix up some soups, stews, casseroles, and chili recipes-- Check!

4. Celebrate Evan's 16th birthday and teach him to drive-- Check!

5. Decorate the house for fall--Check!

6. Go apple picking-- Nope!  We did go to the orchard a time or two but never picked our own. 

7. Enjoy some cider donuts- Check! 

8. Participate in a fall photo scavenger hunt (with lensball photos!)-- Nope; I forgot all about this one!

9. Bake up some pumpkin and apple treats-- Nope! Not having an oven for part of Sept, the whole month of October, and the first week of November really put a crimp in these plans! 

10. Put some puzzles together-- Check! (Okay we only put one together and it was incredibly easy but I'm still counting it!)

11. Pull out painting supplies and paint something!-- Nope!  Never even thought of it!

12. Plan one "field" trip each month-- Check?! Okay so we didn't go on a field trip EVERY month but one month we went on multiple trips so I'm totally counting it. 

September zoo trip:

October zoo trip:

October museum trip:

(early) December we toured Rosecliff (one of the Newport Mansions)

13. Take a few RZR rides with my husband- Check! (though again I think we only did this once!)

14. Finish scrapbooking our summer vacations-- 1/2 a check! I haven't decided if I'm scrapbooking the trip my husband and I did to Ogunquit but I got all the pages from our family summer vacation done. 

15. Find some fun "fall" books to read-- Nope!

16. Plan some monthly date nights-- Check!  

November's date night outfit

17. Hike Mount Monadnock or Mount Greylock with my husband-- Nope! We had awful weekend weather this fall with lots and lots of rain.

18. Go to the movies-- Nope!  You'd think with all that rain we would have made it to the movies once but we didn't. 

19. Make chocolate chip pecan pie-- Nope! Again, almost no baking was done this fall at all. 

20. Host Thanksgiving dinner/ watch Elf-- Check! 

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  1. Love your scrapbook pages and dress. Yay for date nights. We never made it to the movies either.

  2. I think you did a great job considering the awful fall weather and lack of oven! Love the cute fall decor.

  3. I hadn't realized how long you were without an oven! I also can't believe there are new trails for you to discover!

    1. Oh it felt like forever! We have to look much harder to find new trails (and drive a bit further).

  4. Wow!! I think you did pretty good on your bucket list!! Good for you!!
    Merry Christmas and thanks so much for stopping by!! I really appreciate it....

  5. We always forget that we can go to the cinema. But when we do it's always a very fun night.

    1. We used to go ALL the time; to the point where there would be nothing to see because we already saw it all and now we hardly ever think to even check and see what's playing.

  6. I think you did great with your fall bucket list, you certainly had a busy time.

  7. OK, so I love the green walls - I might have mentioned that one before...cider donuts I have never had but they sound delish!! And the dress for the November date night is so pretty!! Merry Christmas! and maybe I need to start making bucket lists...hmmm....

    1. Thank you! I so rarely wear dresses of any kind that I feel rather self-conscious in them but I am trying to be more intentional about at least wearing them for "special" occasions.

  8. Bucket lists are fun. I do the 101 in 1001. Scrapbooking is certainly fun and what a great way to archive your memories!
    Thank you for sharing your images at Gma’sPhoto Tongue Tied Link party!
    Take care and best wishes.

  9. As one commenter said above, I think you did a great job given the lack of oven and the bad weather. And I love your attitude about "we didn't do everything but we had a great fall anyways"!

  10. You did really well on your fall bucket list this year! We didn't get to go apple picking this year either!


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