Sentence a Day in May, 2022

 May was a lovely introduction to spring; we finally had some warm days and spent lots of time outside. 

1.  We had to head into Massachusetts to pick up our TV since the store in Rhode Island no longer had it in stock or in their warehouse; we hit up Bass Pro shops and Longhorn Steakhouse while we were out.  4,623 steps

I was so excited to be able to remove my cardigan by mid-day!

An easy dinner of shaved steak sandwiches with squash fries and salad 

2. A cold and rainy day spent at home working on handmade cards. 2,890 steps.

For lunch I tried a yummy new granola with coconut in it

3. Another miserable weather day spent sending emails to my travel agent and then playing cards in the afternoon with Ian and my mother in law. 3,441 steps

4. Another rainy day where my mother in law, Ian and I played cards and then (since Alec's track meet was postponed) we took a trip to my mom's house to see if Alec could borrow a dress shirt and tie for his semi-formal.  2,920 steps.

5. Finally a sunny and warm day! I was itching to get out hiking so Evan and I flew through his last remaining 2 subjects and hit the trails.  13,351 steps.

6. My day was going pretty well until my husband texted me that he was in the ER; he broke his tailbone and needed some stitches in his elbow... once he was all patched up he headed right back to work! In the meantime we canceled our hike and I stuck close to my phone all morning ( I shared all about my grocery haul from this day in this post) 4,804 steps. 

7.  My day started with Alec's karate class, then he drove to Mr. Z's to pick up take out for lunch, and we all spent a quiet day at home resting. 3,347 steps. 

8. Mother's day was a pretty quiet affair this year as well; I did get spoiled with gifts but spent a portion of my day cleaning and cooking since my husband was out of commission. 2,908 steps. 

Gifts from my boys

Trying on my new tank top

Cute little gift from my mother in law; isn't she the sweetest? She gets me a small gift very mother's day.

Some cookies I baked up using that dark chocolate bar to share with the family.

The "real" outfit I spent my day in!

9.  Monday I helped Ian study up for his math final and then we cleaned the house; I got a new bracelet from my sister that I wore to pick up Alec and go visit my mother.  4,655 steps.

It says "sister" in morse code!

10.  I put dinner in the crock pot and made sure Alec was all set for his first away game since starting high school. The boys and I cleaned house, worked on schooling, I made a new card, and then I headed out it the afternoon for my yearly perm. 3,567 steps.

I straightened my hair one last time before going super curly

11.  I ended up spending most of my morning cleaning out our filing cabinet; by the time we finished Ian and I hauled 4 bags of paper scraps to the dumpster!  3,602 steps.

12. It was a beautiful day with the sun peeking out so I convinced Evan to go for a hike at the Thompson Dam.  Everything was so green and starting to bloom. 10, 588 steps.

13.  Evan, Ian and I met up with our hiking group to hike at Moore State park before lunch then after school I helped Alec get ready for his first school dance; it was a semi formal and he looked so handsome in his shirt and tie. 10,225 steps.

All ready for hiking (I pack hiking boots and change in the car just before hitting the trails)

14. Alec had volunteered to walk in the Spring Fest parade with his school so we headed up around 10 and he ended up staying around the park long after the parade ended; it was a HOT day in the sun but he had a great time. 10,680 steps. 

15. The whole family worked together to clear off the patio from winter and bring out all the patio furniture; we even cleaned the grill.  My husband took all the boys to the movies so I had the whole house to myself for a few hours. I started and ended my day on the deck!  5,290 steps.

16. I roped Ian and Evan into helping me re-do one of the small gardens; we ripped up the old rock and weed block fabric, put down new rocks and moved my garden bench into the garden.  It was a long morning of back breaking work but I just LOVE how it looks! 8,333 steps

17.  I started my day at Lowe's picking out flowers and got most of my pots planted then began weeding and cleaning out the large garden by the driveway.  6,564 steps

I started the day with my cardigan over my denim halter top but quickly shed it by mid-morning

Only 1/2 cleaned out and it hardly looks any different! 😓

18.  I spent most of the day on hold with Disney getting out tickets swapped over but Alec just had a 1/2 day of we spent the afternoon binge watching Heartstopper.  I did manage to make a card and fix two of my bracelets while on hold.  5,140 steps.

19. It was a rainy day and since I had nothing else to do I decided to sit at my crafting desk and play around with some new stamp and die sets making some cards to have on hand. 3,175 steps

20. Evan and I hiked Mount Wachusett with our hiking group; it was a beautiful day! 12, 238 steps (and my foot was killing me after!).

Early morning on the lake

21. After taking Alec to karate I ate my lunch on the deck and then offered to drive the boys to get ice cream (where we met my husband) and then enjoyed a quiet afternoon at home. 4,828 steps

22.  While my husband and boys worked on pressure washing the deck I worked on planting a few more pots for the front steps and put out all my garden decorations.  5,816 steps

23. It was a beautiful day for a hike so Evan and I headed to Ross' cliffs. 11,704 steps

In spring/ summer I pack socks and hiking shoes to wear once we get to where we're going to hike

24. I finally pulled weeds and leaves out of the last garden and began pulling up the rock boarder we're slowly getting rid of everywhere in our yard. 6,409 steps

25. Evan and I headed out in the early morning for a nice hike around the dam. 13, 706 steps

26. I had hoped to go kayaking but it was a pretty cold and windy day on the lake so while I did eat lunch out on the deck, I spent most of my day inside making a few cards just for fun.  The real highlight of my day though was waking up to some anniversary roses and a card propped up on the table for me (we'll celebrate with dinner out over the weekend and a long weekend trip away next month).  5,229 steps

I ended up swapping out the blazer for a long cardigan sweater

27.  It was a drizzly day so our weekly hiking group canceled our hike and Evan and I just hung around the house; I finished up my latest novel and worked on blogging. 4,401 steps

28.  I took Alec to karate while my husband and Ian picked up the RZR & Ranger from the shop then my husband and I enjoyed a date night out; dinner and movie (Top Gun: Maverick and Longhorn steakhouse)... in the pouring rain.   It was fun though and the movie was so good!  (I took my step counter off before heading out for our date night and I joked with my husband that all the steps we took walking all around the complex and back were wasted). 

29. A beautiful, sunny day where we accomplished so much around the house: cleaned the cars, worked on the yard, sold the jet ski, picked up a grocery order and I finished the book I had started the day before (See You Yesterday). 3,813 steps.

This book really made me giggle at times!

Our first dinner out on the patio for 2022

 30.  The whole family pitched in for some major yardwork on Memorial day; my husband, Alec, my mother in law, and I worked on redoing one of the garden beds (changing out the stones, adding a few inches to the width, and removing the border) while Ian and Evan worked on rehauling the beach using the border stones to build a retaining wall and a new fire pit.  It was an exhausting day but I LOVED the results.  I took off my step counter by mid- morning and was already up to 3366 steps but dirt kept getting stuck between it and my skin).

Pulling up the border stones

Ripping out plants and pulling up old stones

Ian starting on the retaining wall

After the new stone was put down

Completed retaining wall and fire pit

31. With everyone back at school and work, Evan and I tackled some housework and then spent a quiet morning at home.  I did run a handful of errands before picking Alec up from school and we all crashed pretty early. 

How was your month?

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  1. What a busy month! Looks like a very healthy month too! Glad your husband is better.

  2. It sounds like you had a good month.
    You are doing so well with your steps and all of your food looks so good.

    1. We did have an excellent month; June is shaping up to be pretty good too.

  3. You're looking great. So many great outfits too! Great progress in the yard. Love it.

  4. I hope your husband is doing well now. Wonderful cards and hiking photos. The first photos of Day 5, 20 and 25 are amazing. So calm and serene.


    1. He is doing much better; says his tailbone feels totally normal and fine most days. I love those quiet calm mornings on the lake. It gets a bit nosier with boats and jet skis as summer starts.

  5. Love all of your springy things in this post- the outfits- the meals- all the outdoor time- love it all!

  6. I love these posts as it gives a peek into other peoples lives. Can I first off say that I am so jealous of the beautiful area in which you live in. All that greenery and the hiking. I would very much love that. Also, you are very talented in your card making. Hope June is also off to a good start.

  7. I love how you find time to relax. I need to be better at that. And the turtles and chipmunk?? SO cute.

  8. I don't know how but I missed you live ON a lake! Such a busy yet successful month for you!

    1. Yep, our basement literally walks out to a patio then it's the beach.

  9. your may seems amazing! glad to know! the hiking trip looks fabulous too

    1. Thank you! May was definitely a good month.

  10. Sounds like a great month to me (not including your husband's mishap, hope he is better by now). Love your outfits and your dedication to the steps, you live in a beautiful part of the world.

    1. He is feeling so much better now; thank you.

  11. Those cookies are calling my name. Regine

  12. I really like your outfit photos! (you always look nice...) And I love how they started off with sweaters...and finished with shorts! Woo Hoo. You guys got a lot done this month!! That fire pit looks like a lot of fun! Why did you sell the jet ski? I've always thought they would be so much fun to have!!

    1. Yes, I am loving that progression from sweaters to shorts too. We sold the old jet ski because my son put a deposit down on a brand new one.

  13. I'm impressed with all those steps. You look great!

  14. I so enjoyed this glimpse into your month, Joanne - and it was lovely to see spring evolving. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. My husband and I went to see Maverick on Thursday night - we thoroughly enjoyed it! Sharing this post with the Hearth and Soul Community on Facebook. Thank you for being a part of Hearth and Soul.

  15. Loved all your beautiful photos from your walks and I especially loved the covered bridge. Cute outfits and good job on all those steps.

    1. Thank you! We have so many cute covered bridges around here and I just love them.

  16. I love seeing all of your outfits and your steps, too! I can't believe y'all were still wearing sweaters not that long ago! It's been terrible hot here!

    1. Heck, I wore a sweatshirt almost all weekend in New Hampshire! LOL.

  17. Ohhhh, I have missed Sentence a Day!! Started writing my sentences for June. Gosh, they are sooo long. I need a lesson in writing a brief thought!!
    So enjoyed this post. Love all your looks. You have the flattest tummy, young lady!! Love the sweaters and jeans. Love the little flirty skirt with the off the shoulder top. The headband!! That feminine tank top the kids gave you. That eyelash lace on it. Really beautiful.
    Great idea to keep track of your steps each day. I wear a tracker and could do this, too. Would make me more accountability. Need to also report when I am tracking my WW points. That would hold me more accountable too. Let me go track this morning's breakfast right now.

    1. I really needed to hear that tummy compliment today; thank you! I am feeling so fat and frumpy after eating like a kid again all weekend... and indulging in another ice cream treat today! Yikes! I did track points this weekend as best I could (I find it so hard when eating out at little independently owned restaurants to make my best guess) but still over ate by a lot.


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