Where We Stayed in the Black Hills

A few years ago we started branching out and renting a house for our family vacations.  We found that having more room than just a standard hotel room (or 2) worked so much better for us and usually ended up saving us money in the long run as well.  

We searched long and hard for the perfect house to rent in the Rapid City area and found it with the Whispering Grace Retreat.  

The house may have looked small from the outside but with 4 bedroom areas, two living rooms, a full kitchen, two full baths, a washer/dryer, and other bonus amenities like a gas grill-- it was wonderful! 

We entered the house through the basement/garage and found this wonderful finished basement!  With a set of bunkbeds tucked around the corner and a small 1/2 bath nearby the younger two boys claimed this area as their own. 

Upstairs we found 3 more bedrooms, and a great big living room that was open to a dining room and kitchen.

One thing I really loved about this rental was all the little homey touches that were added.  Many of the rentals can seem a bit cold but this one had flowers, nick- knacks, fluffy pillows and blankets and all the little touches of home.

We saved so much money using the full kitchen to prepare so many of our meals and even used the grill a time or two.

We had plenty of space to eat outside and often spotted deer around the yard and neighborhood.

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  1. Looks like a great place to stay!! Love the log cabin look!! Thanks so much for visiting!!

    1. I could net get over how large and roomy it felt on the inside.

  2. What a fun way to immerse yourself in an area. I would guess the Internet would help finding great places to stay these days. - Margy

    1. Oh yes, the internet is invaluable in helping to find a great place to stay.

  3. We always rent a house - like you said; you save soo much money just cooking your own meals!Annster's Domain

    1. We really do; especially with three hungry boys.

  4. Great place for a family. We love to rent so we can save money by cooking while on vacation!

    1. It was wonderful! They thought of so many little touches too; a cabinet full of games, baby furniture and toys... definitely one of the best rentals we've used.


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