My Favorite Shows Streaming Right Now On Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon

We cut the cord to cable a few years ago and while it took a bit of getting used to we have whole- heartedly embraced streaming all of our shows.  Through Hulu we are able to watch most of our old favorites and we have enjoyed finding Netflix originals and watching entire seasons of shows we missed when they came around on cable TV.  We have a membership to Amazon Prime and have just started watching shows on there too.

With so many streaming options it can sometimes feel overwhelming to find shows that are just right.
Here are some of my absolute favorite shows to stream (I'll be sharing a list of shows that we all enjoy watching together next weekend):

1.  Northern Rescue! -- I just LOVE this new Netflix show.. so much so that I binge watched it in just under a week.  I can not wait to see what season 2 brings.  When his wife dies of cancer, John West moves his two daughters and one son back to his hometown.  With the help of his sister in law John tries to get settled in their new "home", adjusting to a new job for him, and new schools for his kids.  If you like shows like This is Us and A Million Little Things this is a great show to watch!

2.  Sex and the City-- I had never watched so much a single episode of this show but found it one day on Amazon Prime and thought it might be something I'd enjoy.  Watching these 4 ladies tread through the dating pool of New York City is quite entertaining.

3.  A Million Little Things-- Have you started watching this yet?!  It's on Hulu and if you like This is Us, you'll love this.  When one man commits suicide his friends and family are left floundering and wondering why (I'll give you a little hint-- it's a million little things!) and new truths and secrets are slowly revealed throughout each episode.

4.  Grey's Anatomy-- Another show I had heard so much about and never once watched; my husband and I began watching it one night and spent the  next several weeks watching ALL the old episodes on Netflix.  We are currently watching the latest season on Hulu.  Grey is a medical student training at the hospital where her mother worked.  Going 15 seasons strong there is just no great way to summarize this show but it is filled with drama, plot twists, and quite a cast of characters.

5.  The Cool Kids-- Set in a retirement community these four friends are trying to navigate their retirement years with dignity... but they don't always succeed.  (season 1 on Hulu)

6.  Grace and Frankie-- One of the first shows I began watching on Netflix; I just love the way the friendship between these two have blossomed and can not get enough of their families.  When polar opposites Grace and Frankie find out that their husbands are leaving them for each other they end up relying on one another to get through.

7.  Life in Pieces-- I was so thrilled to see that season 3 was just recently released on Hulu! I love the crazy antics of this big loving family.  Each episode is told 4 short stories and focuses on different family members.  They're silly and funny and even when they are picking on one another they always have each other's backs.

8.  Downton Abbey-- I just began streaming season one of this show on Amazon when I saw that all 6 seasons were included free with Prime and within the first episode I was hooked! I am well on my way through season two and just can not seem to stop watching.  I have always been fascinated with the dichotomy between the mega rich British lords and ladies and their servants' lives and am even learning a bit of history as I watch too.

9.  This is Us-- I know I referenced it a few times but I only recently began watching this much talked about show and I LOVE it!  I caught up to the latest season and episodes on Hulu in no time.  I just can not get enough of this family and their overlapping stories.  I am almost always in tears... but they're happy tears.

10.  Parenthood-- speaking of tears!... I used to watch this show waaay back when it premiered but I was hardly ever able to stay up late enough to watch it.  I was thrilled when I saw ALL the old season were available on Netflix and quickly worked my way through them all.  I completely fell in love with the entire Braverman Clan.

11.  Dynasty-- So far only season one is available on Netflix and I am only part way through the season but I am enjoying it.  While I never saw the 1980's series (so I have nothing to compare it to) this show reminds me of the remake of Dallas which I enjoyed (but I did get sick of all the back stabbing so I may get sick of this show too).

12. The Ranch-- A struggling cattle rancher and his family try (and fail) to work together to keep their ranch going year after year. We really enjoy this Netflix original.

13. Young and Hungry-- Such a cute and silly show where a rich software tycoon hires a new personal chef and the two of them spend several seasons trying not to fall in love with one another (unsuccessfully).  I was so glad to stumble upon it on Netflix.

14. The Kominksy Method-- Another Netflix original; Sandy Kominsky (played by Michael Douglas) is an aging actor who makes his living as an acting coach.  His agent & best friend (played by Alan Arkin) looses his wife and the two are left trying to navigate getting older together.  It's both funny and touching.

15.  Shameless-- I'm not sure there are any other words to describe the Gallagher family other than Shameless.  Set in the slums of south side Chicago these siblings try to make ends meet and look out for one another with an alcoholic father and a missing mother.   The first 8 seasons are available on Netflix.

16. Episodes-- British writers Beverly and Sean have a wonderful marriage and hit TV show when they are persuaded to come to Hollywood and remake their show for an American audience.  However, Beverly and Sean are not prepared for Hollywood-- the fake smiles, the deals that fall apart before they're finished being made, the broken promises, etc. All 5 seasons of this comedy are available on Netflix.

17.  Gilmore Girls & Gilmore Girls a Year in the life-- I remember watching this show when it aired on network television. While a bit wacky I just love this mother- daughter duo and the life they've made for themselves in Stars Hollow; even if everyone in the town does seem to talk a bit too fast.  While I didn't love a year in life as much as the original show it was fun to see where they were 10 years later.  Every last moment is available on Netflix.

18.  Black-ish-- Living in a predominately white, upper - middle class neighborhood, Dre tried to make sure his kids grow up with a sense of their cultural identity but his meddling parents and ultra liberal wife Rainbow don't always make his job easy.  I am really enjoying this series on Hulu.

19.  9-1-1--A new show we stream on Hulu that follows along in the life of 9-1-1 operators, fire and rescue, and police workers in LA.

20.  Lethal Weapon-- I loved the original Lethal Weapon movies so my husband and I just knew we'd have to give the TV show a chance.  Riggs and Murtagh could not be more different in their approach to police work and in their personal lives but somehow they become partners and begin to truly rely on one another.  Three seasons are available on Hulu.

21.  New Amsterdam-- Another new show we started watching on Hulu.  When Max takes over as head of New Amsterdam hospital he has lots of changes to make.  Some extremely radical, but his ultimate goal is to provide great care for all the patients. Battling an illness himself Max tries desperately to balance his work, his health, and his family life.

22.  Single Parents-- Another new show I'm watching on Hulu; these single parents team up and become one another's support system while raising their kids on their own.  Unlikely friendships and vastly different personalities make his show so stinkin' funny!

23.  The Rookie-- I saw this series suggested on Hulu and decided to give it a try.  John Nolan is a police rookie at the age of 40 for the LA Police department.  He doesn't always feel like he fits in with the younger cops and many of the older force members make it known that they are not comfortable with an older rookie either.

24. Private Practice-- When I saw that all 6 seasons of this show were available on Hulu I just knew I had to give this spin off of Gray's Anatomy a chance.  When Addison leaves the hospital to go into private practice with her best friend Naomi she's in for a whole new world of medicine; not to mention LA is quite different from Seattle too!

What shows do you enjoy streaming?  I'm always looking for new suggestions.


  1. Wow! That is a huge list. I watch a few of those, but find that I have much less time for shows right now. I bet I will have more time this summer.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. I'd say on average I watch two maybe three shows a day; mostly just before bed or as I'm falling asleep. I like to keep a rotation of shows going though so when depending on my mood I have shows that make me laugh, shows that make me cry, etc.

  2. I love it when people do posts like this because it helps me find shows on Netflix I may not have been aware of. I'll definitely check out Northern Rescue.

  3. Thanks for these tips! I'm looking for a new show to watch. :)

    1. You're welcome! I hope you find some you like.

  4. I've watched a bunch of these but a lot I haven't! So I thank you for the suggestions. I love Parenthood, Gilmore Girls, This Is Us, 9-1-1, New Amsterdam, etc!

  5. A Million Little Things is my very favorite show on TV right now. I'm SO SAD that we have to wait until September to see what happens next!

    1. Oh I just LOVE that one and hate the waiting! I feel like every episode leaves me with a few more questions.

  6. There are a few you've described that I need to check out. Thanks!

  7. Wow, this is great! I need to come back to this when we're through with Vanity Fair on Amazon Prime. (Really good!)

  8. Thank you for sharing at #OverTheMoon. Pinned and shared.


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