Exploring the Yale Peabody Museum

We bought a family pass to the Yale Peabody museum in the fall and had yet to use it!  The boys and I made plans to meet up with some of our friends and check out this "new to us" museum one Friday this month.  We had such a great time!

We spent over 2 hours exploring the museum and learned a lot about dinosaurs, fossils, leaf cutter ants, outer space, rocks and minerals, and so much more.

We started our trip with this fun display on preserving arthropods.

Next we went to check out the small exhibit on California gold; we were really drawn to the map that showed all the old gold mines versus those that are still active today.

Alec and Evan spent a lot of time reading about and learning about dinosaurs. The museum had one of the largest collections we've ever seen!

Having just read and learned about petrified wood during our Boston Museum of Science trip earlier this month, the boys and I were all in awe of these specimens.

We went on to learn about the evolution of mammals (including man).

We headed to the second floor and learned a lot about leaf cutter ants; they have a live display and it was so neat to see the different ants moving around doing their jobs.

In the same room we learned about stick bugs, poison dart frogs, beetles and butterflies.

There was something to see everywhere you looked and I was really taken with the architecture of the building.

On the third floor we got see so many animal dioramas; they were huge and filled with tons of details! We also learned all about the birds of Connecticut-- I had no idea there were so many species in one small state.

There was an actual sarcophagus and mummy as well as all sorts of information about how the ancient Egyptians lives.

We also learned about outer space, meteorites, rocks and minerals before heading home. I think this was one of the most fascinating parts of the museum for me and my boys.  It didn't hurt that we're studying rocks and minerals now and they had so many on display!  The colors and textures just drew us in.  

Have you ever visited this museum?


  1. Wow! Super cool displays! I love the first picture of bugs!!! Cool!

    1. They really did have a lot of neat displays. It was a smaller museum than I had pictured but we just found so much of it to be fascinating.

  2. So fascinating! We have a natural history museum in Augusta, our capital, and I love taking visitors there.

  3. This looks like a really great museum. I'm glad you all had a blast! Love the architecture of the place.


  4. This looks like a natural history museum of the type we have been to in a few different places. They are always fun and interesting!

    1. They really are! I just love that combination of history with science/nature.


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